You Know You’re No Longer a Disney Tourist When…

It’s not uncommon to see cast member name tags representing various cities, states and countries from all over the world! For College and International Program participants, this means many of you don’t call Central Florida home. However, when you start to get in the groove (boo-yeah!) of your program, you’ll recognize property as well as your own backyard. Here are some tell-tale signs you’re no longer a Disney tourist:


You know what rides are worth it.


When planning a trip, many find it stressful to manage their time since it’s impossible to ride every attraction in one day – trust us, we’ve tried! If you haven’t already booked your FastPass+ reservations in advance (let’s face it, those are lifesavers), then you know what rides to prioritize during your trip. Not to mention you know when a 30-minute wait time really means 15. At the end of the day, if you aren’t able to ride your favorite attraction, you don’t sweat it. You just tell the attractions cast members you’ll see them tomorrow!


A change in weather doesn’t faze you.


Sometimes the Florida weather can be as moody as Hades! You’re probably already aware of this and welcome Mother Nature’s challenge. Besides, the Rainy Day Character Parade can be a sweet, unexpected surprise and who doesn’t love seeing a rainbow stand out against a backdrop of castles and towers? Plus, you’ve probably already found the perfect recipe for blending fashion and comfort when it comes to dressing for a park visit. When the thunder starts rumbling and the rainclouds appear, in true Disney-pro fashion, you flip your poncho to the side and sing, “the rain never bothered me anyway”.



Your mind is your map.


You know exactly where each attraction is and how long it takes to get there. Not to mention you’ve mastered the art of Disney transportation: Monorail, bus, ferry and train – you’ve ridden them all! Plus, you always remember to check what row you parked in because you know the struggle of mistaking a hero for a villain. You love visiting property because you know that nothing is ever too far away!


You’re a trendsetter.


You appreciate the beauty of iconic Disney spots: Spaceship Earth, the Tree of Life or Main Street, U.S.A. However, you tend to gravitate toward less popular areas. Purple wall? You’re over it and already looking for another eye-catching backdrop for Instagram. It’s also probably fair to assume that you understand how a change of scenery can affect an experience. Watching Wishes Nighttime Spectacular while standing near the Prince Charming Regal Carousel is incomparable.


You know when to spend and when to save.


You buy water at merchandise locations, try new restaurants during lunch instead of dinner, and never forget to pack essentials like sunscreen and a snack! While you know how to save, you also probably know when to invest (those FuelRod chargers have changed my life!) There’s also something special about purchasing Disney merchandise to help remember your program and that cast member discount sure helps sweeten the deal.


As a Disney Parks regular you know some pretty handy life-hacks. However, no matter how many times you’ve visited, I’m sure you can agree that no trip is ever the same. If you see someone cry during Wishes Nighttime Spectacular or wave to an engaging cast member, don’t shrug those off as tourist things. Sometimes you’re just witnessing the magic of the Walt Disney World Resort!

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