A Disney program in Orlando, Florida, is typically known for the chance to work for Walt Disney World Resort— but the living component of your program is a whole different world. Inside Disney Housing is where those everlasting relationships begin. Personally, I’ve encountered countless program alumni who have met the love of their life on a Disney program, Disney Housing roommates who have developed into bridesmaids and groomsmen, and people who started their career through the amazing opportunities, resources and events that Disney Programs offers. Going into this program, you never know what or who you will walk away with.  

What memories have you made in Disney Housing (or are hoping to make on a future Disney program)? Every complex has its own charm and appeal, and they each offer their own special hallmark. Join us we recount the top ways you know you are a resident of Vista Way, The Commons, Chatham Square or Patterson Court! 

Sitting outside by the Disney Service Center with all of your friends 

You know you live in Vista Way when you and all your friends take over the picnic tables outside of the Disney Service Center and have a pizza party right in the middle of the complex. You welcome passers-by with open arms, then all of a sudden you’re friends with someone in almost every building. While you’re there, you might start chatting about the upcoming apartment inspections. Luckily, you can check-out a broom and vacuum right inside the Disney Service Center to help get your apartment in white-glove shape. A Disney Service Center is located in each complex. They are equipped with cleaning supplies, sporting equipment, housewares and of course a smiling face ready to assist with any of your needs.  

Having a “ball” before work 

What better way to get active than by bonding over shooting hoops and playing some pump-up tunes before you make magic for the day? The great thing about Disney Housing is, if someone sees you out there playing, they’re going to want to join you. If you ever spent your days running around the courts on your program, you know that soon enough, you’ll have your own mini tournament on your hands.  

Vista Way is home to a basketball, volleyball and tennis court. The Commons’ and Chatham Square’s volleyball courts patiently await eager players to spike a ball in the sand or strike up a tennis match. Did you know that each complex also has a pingpong table and pool table? No need to worry about packing a ball, pingpong paddle, pool stick or racket, your Service Center can provide them all! 

Checking out a movie at the Disney Learning Center  

Located in Vista Way, the Disney Learning Center has dozens of films, from classic Disney favorites, to romantic love stories and comedies that will make you laugh so loud that you won’t be able to whip the smile off your face. You can also check out a book to read on the bus to work, or a board game to play when you get home.  

While you’re there exploring entertainment options, you can also set up an appointment to have your résumé looked over. Disney professionals are there to help you reach your highest goals. They will be more than happy to help turn those dreams into a reality.  

Relaxing by the pool with your roommate 

Grab a nice, big bottle of water, take your speaker set and relax with your roommate. It’s a great way to catch up on your recent adventures, read a book or just soak up the sun (and don’t forget your sunscreen!). Being a Disney program participant means filling your days with endless explorations, but it’s really important to give yourself time to refresh before taking on your next discovery. Each complex has a pool, and hanging poolside side is the perfect way to unwind.  

Hearing the DJ blast the “Cupid Shuffle” from your window and feeling the need to go outside and dance 

Even if you were planning on skipping a Welcome Event, when you live in Chatham Square, I promise, the “Cupid Shuffle” is unavoidable. Your friends, coworkers, neighbors— basically your entire Disney family will be having a blast right in your backyard. Walk outside, meet some of your favorite characters and indulge in free food. It all happens right outside your window.

Meeting your friends at the bus stop  

Whether you work at Magic Kingdom Park’s Fantasyland, Epcot or Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Spa, you will find Cast Members from each and every location on property hanging out by the bus stop. Catching up with your friend in their purple futuristic gear as you sport your earthy button down paired with khakis isn’t something out of the ordinary here.     

No matter what complex you live in, you are the author of your very own Disney program story. It doesn’t matter what Disney Housing complex you were placed in because no two tales will ever be the same. What matters is the legacy you’ll leave behind, as the memories you make really do last a lifetime.  



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