So you’ve heard about the Disney College Program; maybe from your best friend, your classmate, or even someone from your dorm floor, but do you really know what’s so great about this experience? If not, here are some top reasons why you should be applying for this magical internship of a lifetime.


Life Skills

The numerous skills you gain, both professionally and personally. Whether you already have these skills and exemplify them or you’re acquiring skills you never knew you had, you will not regret this time of learning about yourself. This development will take you to where you want to be.


Networking is key when working for The Walt Disney Company. You have many opportunities to meet with so many different people in areas all across property, take advantage of this. It’s great to hear the different career paths leaders took to get to where they are now. A very large number of current leaders even started on a College Program!


It’s a resume builder. Working for a Fortune 100 Company will stand out to future employers and most likely they will want to know more about your time working for The Walt Disney Company.


You’re working at Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort, you literally have a playground in your backyard. Whether it’s resort, park or pool hopping, there’s always something to do. We even have events just for College Program students; like going to the beach or surrounding farmers markets. Take advantage of everything around you, yes it may be an overload because there’s just so much, but just make sure you do a lot!


The Disney College Program is really an internship like no other. There are so many more reasons on why you should apply for this opportunity, but these are ones that we believe take the icing on the cake and really make this experience so magical and unforgettable to all the students that participate. So enough about why you should, get prepared today and APPLY!

Jourdan, Disney College Recruiting