Participating on a Disney Program is an amazing experience. From living and working with people from all over the world, to making magic for guests every single day – free access to Disney Parks is not too shabby either! While there are a lot of great things that come with being a Disney Programs participant, there may also be some things that you believe could enhance your experience, and we want to hear those thoughts and feedback! 

What’s Up Wednesday is a monthly cast engagement activity where we solicit feedback from current program participants about the various aspects of their program. Each week of the month, a different East Coast Disney Housing complex hosts the activity at the Disney Service Center. As an added bonus, treats are given in exchange for suggestions and feedback!  

What kind of things can be addressed, you may ask? Here are some common categories: 

  • Transportation 
  • Program offerings and events 
  • Work location  
  • General housing 

What’s Up Wednesday is a great way for the many teams who support Disney Programs to take in feedback and utilize it in making sure our offerings are the best that they can be for both current and future program participants. We also get the opportunity to talk to you and get to know you a little more.  

The current rotation of What’s Up Wednesday is as follows:  

Vista Way – The first Wednesday of every month 

The Commons – The second Wednesday of every month 

Chatham Square – The third Wednesday of every month 

Patterson Court – The fourth Wednesday of every month 

The next time What’s Up Wednesday is happening, stop by your Disney Service Center! If you ever have any general questions or just want to stop by for a cookie or two, the Disney Service Center at each complex is open every day of the week from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m! 


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