At the Walt Disney World Resort, we have three distinct programs for which international candidates may be eligible: the Cultural Representative Program, the International College Program and the Australia/New Zealand Work Experience.

Cultural Representative Program

Participants of this program are required to have a Q1 Visa. Participants of this program are given the unique task of being advocates of their culture and are asked to share the customs, history, heritage, philosophy, and traditions of their home country to our guests from all over the world. Because the focus of this program is culture, Culture representatives must work in areas that reflect their culture and authentically and wear authentic costumes. Because the Q1 Visa is designed to promote the sharing of cultures, it has some restrictions regarding work requirements:

  • Cast members on the Q1 visa work in onstage roles so our guest have the opportunity to ask them questions and learn more about their culture.
  • The Q1 visa can extend for up to 15 months maximum. But don’t worry- you can apply for additional with us after your program, as long as you’ve been outside of the U.S. for 1 year since your original program.

If you are preparing to join us on our Cultural Representative Program, keep in mind that it can take 6 to 10 weeks to complete the process for a Q1 Visa.


Academic Exchange Experience

The Academic Exchange Experience allows select international students to take classes and earn academic credit from a U.S. host college or university while they gain real-world experience. At the same time, students will take part in an experiential learning opportunity hosted at the Walt Disney World Resort.

If this program is more your style, then you’re in need of a J1 Academic Visa. This visa allows you to spend from five months up to a full year working at the Walt Disney World resort while either taking courses through our Disney Education Program or taking distance learning courses.

Keep in mind it can take 8 to 12 weeks to obtain this visa!

For more information on the courses offered through the Disney Education Program, visit:


Summer Work Experience Program

This program allows participants to spend their summer experiencing Disney magic with guests and fellow cast members from all over the world. Students interested in the program must be in enrolled in an accredited 4-year bachelor program to participate.

If you’re joining us on our Summer Work Experience program you’ll be getting a J-1 Summer Work -Travel Visa.

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Drina, Disney International Recruiting