What’s Cookin’ with theDisney Culinary Program

With more than 300 restaurants across the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disney Culinary Program provides the ideal opportunity for students of culinary and pastry arts to hone in on their skills at some of the most distinguished dining locations with world-renowned chefs.

Participants on the Disney Culinary Program may work at any of the restaurants on property, and students of pastry arts may work at any of 12 different bakery locations.  Working at Disney provides a concentrated, real-world experience for participants, allowing them to translate their school learnings into reality.  In fact, during the course of a program, participants will cook a minimum of 22,000 meals – and that’s what sets apart participants at the Walt Disney World Resort from anywhere else.

The Walt Disney World Resort has a diversity of menus and foods on property, so participants may develop an assortment of skill sets and interact with several chefs and guests during their stay.  They have the exciting opportunity to cook with different flavors in a variety of kitchens, ranging from backstage (out of guest view) to show kitchens (which are observable to guests).  Disney is also very committed to enhancing the learning experience of its Culinary Program participants.  If they exhibit the skill set, talent and enthusiasm, they may have the opportunity to rotate restaurants.  Sometimes, participants even have the opportunity to extend their program or transition into a full-time role.  Between January and July 2011, more than 50 participants were promoted into full-time positions.

The Disney Culinary Program is located only at the Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, FL, and the program is competitive.  Recruiters visit only 24 culinary schools throughout the United States, between400 and 500 participants are accepted into the program every year.  Participant arrivals occur every two weeks, and there are more than 200 program participants at the Walt Disney World Resort at any given time on the program.

The Disney Culinary Program recruiting season occurs from January to June and August to December.  Seek out a recruiter visiting your school during these months, and visit disneyculinaryprogram.com for more information.

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