What I wish I would have known before the Disney College Program

The Disney College Program truly changed my life for the better. The program helped to direct my career path, brought me lifelong friendships, and gave me experience with a Fortune 500 company. All of that said, there are some things that I wasn’t expecting before starting this journey.

Here are a few things I wish I would’ve known before doing the Disney College Program:


– Walking into the Walt Disney World Casting Center for the first time is like walking straight into a fairytale: magical, and where dreams come true!



– After you arrive at Casting, waiting to hear where you work will be the longest five minutes of your life.


– You will probably start to feel nervous to meet your roommates until you realize that they love the same thing you do: DISNEY!



– There is no shame in having your Disney Housing apartment decked out in Disney.


– The immense amount of pride that you will feel during Disney Traditions, when you realize you have now joined the Disney legacy.


– When you see the castle for the first time as a cast member, you realize that this is where you belong!



– Starting at your work location will seem overwhelming at first, but it just takes a little time to learn your role. In no time at all, you will have “earned your ears!”



– You will probably buy more Disney merchandise than you know what to do with, and that’s okay!


– The Walt Disney Company is welcoming and wants you to succeed in your program. Take advantage of networking opportunities!


– Watching the Wishes nighttime spectacular will never fail to give you the feels.


– You are going to meet people from across the country and even the world! Your Disney ‘ohana will become your second family.


– The little things you do in your day will mean the world to a child or family! Magical moments are just as magical as they sound.



– You will learn the Disney Parks like the back of your hand – and find all of the best photo spots.



– Meeting Mickey becomes even more special as a cast member – your very own magical moment!


– Nothing beats a little bit of pixie dust.


– Homesickness is normal, but your Disney ‘ohana is always there for you – and your family and friends are just a call away.


– The Night of Stars Talent Competition will make you realize how many talented people you have been surrounded by the past few months.



– Disney classes will open your mind to new ideas! You will get opportunities in professional development and make new friends.


– When your service celebration comes around, you will wonder where the time went. It will go by in a flash.



– You’ll realize you have so much left to do! Time to finish the rest of your bucket list.


– The last day of work will be emotional because you’ll realize how much your leaders, fellow cast members, and guests have changed your life.


– You will go to Magic Kingdom Park for the last time and reminisce on all of the magical memories you have made with your Disney family.


– When you hear the Wishes nighttime spectacular music begin, you just can’t hold back your emotions. The laugh/cry is real.



– And finally, when it’s time to say goodbye, you know that it’s not the end. Your friends and memories you made will last a lifetime. “It’s not a goodbye, it’s a See Ya Real Soon!”


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