If you are an international candidates thinking of applying to one of our Internships, make sure that you meet some of our basic qualifications first! One of the sayings we have here at Disney is that we want to “set up our Cast Members for success,” and want to set you up for success as you prepare in applying for the international program!

While navigating through our website of all our program offerings; disneyinternationalprograms.com, note the program qualification information along with other great details on how to apply for our program offerings.

For our student programs, candidates must be at least 18 years of age, hold a US passport or a passport in the represented country in which they are applying and be a current student at an accredited post-secondary University or at a tertiary-level accredited educational (TAFE) institution (candidates must have completed their first year). Recent graduates of an accredited University or TAFE may also apply, but must start work at the Walt Disney World Resort within 12 months of their graduation date. Recent graduates many also be eligible through the University of Central Florida. To gain a better understanding of our graduate program offerings please refer to our program information at www.ce.ucf.edu/hospitalitycertificate. This site has our program offerings as well as details on the program qualifications.

When applying for the program, each candidate fills out a series of documents, including The Proof of Student Status form (must be submitted through the student’s University or TAFE). This document will then be reviewed by Disney Immigration Compliance. Our immigration compliance officers are the liaison between the United States government and The Walt Disney World Resort, and ensure eligibility for each candidate has met the US government guidelines.

We are currently underway recruiting for our 2013 season and encourage all eligible candidates to apply at one of our presentations that will be held in or close to your local area! Refer to our website for more information.

Cameron, Disney International Recruiting