What Are You Celebrating?

Service Celebration

So it’s nearing the end of your Disney International Program, and what better way to celebrate your time stateside than to come out for an All-American bash. Our participants who were scheduled to leave in August came out to represent their countries at their Service Celebration last month.  So what can you except at your Service Celebration?

Participants from South KoreaMost Service Celebrations take place at Chatham Square field where participants are able to meet up with their fellow graduates. You’ll receive a pair of Mickey graduation ears, a program certificate, and you might just be able to hop in line to take your graduation picture with a few well-known characters!

There is usually a live DJ, give-aways and a delicious lunch will be provided!

PlutoYou won’t want to forget your camera to capture the memories! Participants are able to snap a photo with their country flag, at our “Flags from around the World” display. The Celebration in August included participants from countries around the world including: Hong Kong, Turkey, Italy, and France. Not to mention the UK, celebrating in true Olympic fashion.

Natasha, Disney International Recruiting

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