Visual displays at your favorite parks: Everything you need to know

To top off your fun-filled day at Disneyland Resort, a perfect 80-degree summer night encompasses the air as you make your way toward the exit on Main Street, U.S.A. While you take in the sights, lights, sounds, and contagious energy of passersby around you—a bright and colorful window display catches your peripherals.

You make your way toward the display and there it is — the special edition, lavender-colored, Eeyore coffee mug you were searching for! It will surely go perfectly with the rest of your ‘Pooh and Friends’ mug collection and you decide that there’s no way you’re stepping foot outside the park without it!

As you skip your way enthusiastically out of the store with the mug in hand, your curiosity besets you and you start to wonder: Who creates those eye-catching window displays? Who is the team behind this and how do they plan it?

Well to satisfy your curiosity, we’ve got the answers you’re searching for:


Who? The Merchandise Presentation team creates an unparalleled shopping experience for our guests by creating exciting shopping environments and displays using mannequins, bust forms, themed props, specialty fixtures, antiques, and really anything that makes displays magical and aesthetically enchanting.

In enticing guests to come into the location, they’ll buy a tangible memory or souvenir to take home with them to remember their trip by!


How? Merchandise Presentation develops new display concepts and updates existing merchandising concepts to reflect current market trends. They are responsible for resort-wide merchandise standards and how the product is presented onstage.

Though they have guidelines, it’s their creativity and imagination that really puts the displays together. (I mean, look at the heavy-themed merchandise shops in the themed lands!)


Do they have Professional Internships? Yes! Interns assist with all major floor sets which include seasonal sets like Halloween and Christmas, and are involved with developing creative design ideas and concepts to help support film and resort-wide initiatives like our recent 60th Celebration.


Start bringing magic to guests through visual displays and learn about our Professional Internships:

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