Venturing out to Mexico City


Big adventures can truly come up in different moments. Recently, Wilka, a coordinator for the International Recruitment team, had the recent opportunity to travel to Mexico City, to assist with the interview process for the Cultural Exchange Program. With so many candidates, the recruiter team asked Wilka to help them streamline the process.

During the interview series, there was no presentation to be made, as most of the information regarding this program was available via When the candidates checked into their interview, Wilka assisted, reviewing necessary documents, guiding them to where their interview was, and providing information about post-interview steps. For candidates who were being considered for character performer roles, Wilka measured their height, as it is a crucial element for consideration.

Of the experience, Wilka shared, “(The candidates) were all great. Some were even talking to other candidates even though they never met them before,” Wilka said.  “Someone could be nervous, but I encouraged them to enjoy the experience and be themselves. Recruiters are equally excited to meet them during this interview process!”

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