Participants at the April 2011 DUEE event are shown around Epcot to learn more about the attractions backstage.

For students interested in pursuing engineering, Disney’s Ultimate EnginEARing Exploration (DUEE) provides the unique opportunity to network with engineering professionals by showcasing their talents.

The event is December 3, 2011 and is open to current students already working at Disney who are pursuing a degree in engineering, technology or applied science majors, giving them the opportunity to exercise their abilities for future Professional Internship opportunities.

The event begins with Engineer’s Tours of various attractions where the participants are taken backstage to learn about the inner workings of the attractions from the mechanical, electrical/controls, and structural/civil/architectural systems and industrial engineering standpoints.  In previous years, the event has been held at Epcot, but this year will be hosted at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

“Not having as much experience with some of the disciplines is a little challenging, but everyone is very  helpful.  Walking out I felt that I had a unique look into what engineering was within Disney,” said Elizabeth, Industrial Engineering Professional Intern and DUEE planning committee member, of her first experience participating in the event.

Another former DUEE participant and planning committee member, Mechanical Engineering Professional Intern Jaime, also emphasized the benefit of seeing how Disney uses engineering.

“People think it’s only Imagineering with Disney.  It’s different because we have a different element of show put in to our business which a lot of other engineering companies don’t have,” Jaime said.

Following the tours, participants are given a technical quiz to test their abilities and are sorted into multi-disciplinary teams for the afternoon portion of the event, a hands-on competition.  Students will be working on a mock project for a new attraction or major addition to an existing one.  Once the teams have completed their design, they present their proposal to the professional engineers to judge.

Aside from the exciting challenge, the highlight of DUEE is the Networking Event, providing a unique job fair-like environment for students to meet and interact with Disney professionals to find areas they may be interested in.  Engineers from all disciplines are available to the students including Ride and Show Engineering, Scientific Systems, Global Applied Technology, Facility Asset Management, Engineering Services, Business Integration and Planning, Walt Disney Imagineering, Architecture and Facilities Engineering, and more.

“This is one of the greatest opportunities you’re going to have to get a lot of different engineering disciplines in the same room,” Elizabeth said. “It’s a way to start to network and learn about the business.  When you look at your future with the Company there’s a lot of things that we don’t necessarily know that go on with Disney and this is a great opportunity to learn about them.”

According to Jeffery Dillman, Senior Controls Engineer at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Sustaining Engineering, around 18 of the over 40 volunteer leaders of the event are former DUEE participants themselves.

“While we can’t claim full responsibility for their getting hired into a Professional Internship or as a full-time Cast Member, we are a major source of information that feeds into the hiring process,” Jeffery said.

The application deadline for the December third Ultimate EnginEARing Event is November 15, 2011. Applications can be found on or by sending an email to