We just celebrated Disneyland’s 62nd anniversary and it was the perfect time to reflect on all of the happiness and joy the park has brought to millions of people around the world. Spending a day at Disneyland is always a ton of fun, but being here for an important occasion, such as a birthday, is something you’ll never forget.

This milestone got me thinking about all of the birthdays I’ve spent in the parks. Have you ever celebrated your birthday at Disneyland? There’s nothing like walking around the park and taking in all of the sights and sounds on your special day.

As a Disneyland College Program participant, it’s pretty much a given that you’ll spend your birthday at Disneyland with your roommates and friends. And trust me, it will be one of the best birthdays ever!

If you plan on celebrating your birthday at Disneyland during your Disney College Program, here are five must-do things for your big day:

1). Approach the first Cast Member you see and let them know that you’re celebrating your birthday. Not only will they wish you a happy birthday, but they should offer you a birthday button to wear. If not, make sure to ask for one. It’s a really nice keepsake and you’ll be amazed at how many people take the time to come up to you and wish you a happy birthday…even complete strangers enjoying the park with their family! It may even spark a magical moment or two.

2). Getting a pair of Mickey ears is a must. Nothing says “I’m having a blast at Disneyland” like walking around in a pair of your favorite Mickey ears. For me, it’s a way I can immerse myself in the magic, let loose, have fun and be a kid again for the day. Some of our participants even get their ears ahead of time and decorate them with some bling.

July 17 DLR 3

3). Grab some ice cream on Main St. U.S.A., sit on a bench and take it all in. You’re at the Happiest Place on Earth, on your birthday, and all of the joy and laughter surrounding you is contagious. Listening to the music is very relaxing and there’s nothing like enjoying a sundae or a cone at Disneyland.

July 17 DLR 5

4). Make sure to get a photo in front of the beloved Sleeping Beauty Castle. No visit to Disneyland is complete without this iconic photo, and it’ll also be an excellent reminder of the spectacular birthday you had at the park. If you’re flying solo for the day like I have many times, ask a Cast Member to take it for you. They’d be happy to help and it’ll make your day even better. You’ll definitely want to go visit Mickey and get a photo, too.

July 17 DLR 6

5). Soak up the fun by riding as many attractions as you can and have lunch at your favorite restaurant. If they offer outdoor seating, utilize it. It’s fun to sit outside and listen to all of the music while you’re eating. It’s your day…live it up!

Don’t forget about the parade and fireworks (or World of Color)! It’s not every day you get to witness such amazing entertainment on your birthday and these will be the icing on the cake during your unforgettable birthday at Disneyland.

If you get the chance to join us on the Disney College Program and celebrate your birthday at Disneyland, what would you do to treat yourself? No matter what you do, it will be a birthday you’ll never forget!

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