Continue to check your dashboard and email account

It is extremely important to keep an eye on your dashboard AND email accounts leading up to your Disney College Program. Even though you have accepted your offer, we will still be sending out communication that will require some action from you. Some examples of this are new hire documentation and information on housing pre-registration! While you don’t have to watch it with the same frequency as you did during the application process, you should still be looking at your dashboard once or twice a week.

Get in touch with your school advisor

Before you start on your Program, you should make sure that things are taken care of back at school first. It is a great idea to schedule some time with an academic advisor or an internship director at your college or university. Make sure your school knows that you will be away for a semester, and more importantly, see what you can get out of your Program! Most majors will require an internship in order to graduate. Your internship director might be able to give you credit for completing your Program. My school was able to give me nine general credits for completing a Program. It never hurts to ask!

Look into Your Housing Situation

I went into both of my College Program’s blind. In other words, I went in not knowing anyone or who I would be living with for the duration of my Program. If you’re the adventurous type, this might appeal to you! I met two of my best friend’s right in line as we got our housing assignment. If you are looking to find people to live with ahead of time, I would first look to your school. Many times we will have multiple students coming down from the same school. There are also groups on social media sites that will pop up with other students who have been accepted to the program. This is a good way to meet potential roommates, or some people you can hit the parks with!


This one seems obvious, but with school schedules and final exams, your arrival date can creep up on you. About two or three weeks out from your arrival date, set aside a little bit of time each day to start getting your things in order. This way you aren’t scrambling the last few days leading up to your arrival date, which will be stressful enough as it is. Planning out ahead of time will also help you remember everything you’ll need for your time away on the Program.

All of the apartments are fully furnished, so you won’t have to worry about bringing things like dishes or silverware. Some of the key things you should pack, however, are bedding (beds are standard twin), professional wear (for classes and training), and a television! If you do find roommates ahead of time, this is a good thing to go over before arriving. Make sure you have an idea as to who is bringing what.



Get Excited!

This one is a little cliché, but it is something you should be doing none the less! You’ve earned a fantastic opportunity to come and work for one of the world’s most recognized and loved companies. This is a life changing experience that really is all what you want make of it. Disney helped me realize what I want to do with my life, and is one of the greatest experiences I had throughout my college career. So get excited to show your Disney side, and get ready to have a lot of fun!

Mike, Disney College Recruiting