Top 5 things to consider when applying for an Engineering Professional Internship

Are you interested in an Engineering Professional Internship with Walt Disney Parks and Resorts?

Here are the top five things to consider when applying:

1)  Read the job description carefully: We write them so you will read them!

Our Engineering internships are competitive and have specific requirements to note when applying.

Read the job description thoroughly, and pay attention to the specific items that are listed, such as specific engineering disciplines (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Computer, etc.), technical skills and required cumulative GPA.


2)  Search strategically: not all of our Engineering internships have the word “Engineering” in the job title.

There are some internship postings that are interested in engineering majors, but may not have the word “Engineering” in the job title.

Be sure to read through the “Required Education” section of each job posting to learn more about applicable majors.

For example, Assistive Technology internships at both Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort will consider multiple engineering disciplines!




3)  Technical skills are important: both inside and outside the classroom!

Being able to apply the technical skills acquired during coursework is important for many engineering roles.

It is often useful to include a “Technical Skills” section on your résumé so that recruiters and hiring managers can easily identify your knowledge. If possible, explain how you have used the skill (in class, on projects, during prior professional work/internship experience) on your résumé as well.


4)  Have an idea of the type of work assignment/environment you would enjoy: there are so many options to choose from!

Many of our engineering roles provide a variety of experiences and projects during an internship, but it’s still a good practice to have an idea of the type of role you would enjoy.

Do you enjoy design work, or developing strategies? Would you like to work on attractions, buildings, or both? Do you have skills in engineering power systems or knowledge of electronic circuits and controls?

Knowing what you might want to do can help you to apply for the roles most closely related to your interests and skills.




5)  Be prepared to talk about your skills and experiences: interviews are an important step in the process.

Interviews are an important step in our recruitment process as they allow for a conversation about your skills and experiences.

Be prepared to articulate how your knowledge, skills, projects and work experience relate to our internship openings and make you a strong fit for the role. Think back on your experiences and be able to provide specific examples of situations where you have demonstrated certain abilities, such as leadership, teamwork, process improvement and initiative, just to name a few.

Oh, and don’t forget to ask questions! Interviews are a time for you to learn more about The Walt Disney Company and our internship opportunities.


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