Recruiting 101-Top 10 Interviewing Tips and Recommendations from Disney’s Campus Recruitment team

  • Interview Do's and Don'ts

Get Ready, Set, GO! We have complied a list of our top interviewing tips and recommendations from our Disney Campus Recruitment Team. Please consider these suggestions as you prepare for your upcoming Disney interviews.


1. Be prepared

If you’re using your cell phone for an interview make sure you are in a quiet location with good cell service 15 minutes prior to your scheduled interview time. If you are traveling to an in person interview consider mapping out your driving directions and doing a dry run in advance. You will perform your best if you are prepared and ready to go.


2. Conduct your research ahead of time

Research the position(s) you are interviewing for as well as the company you are interviewing with. You can easily elevate yourself from an average candidate to an outstanding candidate by knowing the position you are interviewing for and providing excellent examples of how your education, work experience, and strengths make you an outstanding candidate. Think about why you want THIS internship or job above any other.


3. Let yourself and your experiences shine through

Don’t just give the answer that you think we want to hear. Please tell us who you are and what makes YOU different. If relevant, tell us about your volunteer and life experiences. Think what sets YOU apart from the rest. Be prepared to talk about your experiences and how they relate to the position in which you have applied. Be prepared to give specific examples to illustrate your point.


4. Practice makes perfect

The more you practice interviewing the more comfortable you will be during an actual interview. Sarah from Disney Campus Recruitment suggests: “If you have an interview over the phone, try practicing talking and answering questions over the phone. Have someone listen to you in a mock interview. Do you sound like yourself? Do you have a ‘smile’ in your voice? Ask for feedback and practice again!”


5. Use your interviewer’s name in the conversation

Mandy from Disney Campus Recruitment suggests “Whether you are interviewing in person or over the phone it adds a personal touch to the interview to use the interviewer’s name in the conversation.”


6. Be friendly to everyone, not just your interviewer

Most hiring managers will go directly to their front desk personnel to ask their opinion on the interviewing candidate. If you walk directly up to the front desk person and smile and engage them in a friendly conversation you’ve just elevated yourself to the hiring manager regardless of your actual interview.


7. Follow up

Send thank you notes. This is the perfect time to reiterate your interest and how your skills align with the position. Some recruiters and hiring managers prefer hand written thank you notes and some are perfectly ok with an email thank you. Ask your interviewer their preference for thanking them and be sure to follow up as it sets you apart from the rest.


8. Be Flexible

Your recruiter may know of an opportunity that you could be a great fit for and would really enjoy. Be flexible to other roles that you may not have considered previously.


9. Smile, Smile, Smile

If you are interviewing over the phone, answer with a smile on your face and the smile will come through in your voice. Keep that smile on your face and your energy levels will remain elevated during your conversation. If you are interviewing in person, be polite, be friendly, and let the interviewer know how happy you are to be interviewing with them today. Just remember to smile. :-)


10. Be Yourself

As with any great relationship it takes two. Interviewing is selling yourself, but the company you are interviewing with is also selling themselves. Know yourself and what you are looking for in your next opportunity but also be willing to take risks. You might just discover something about yourself that you had never previously realized.


Jamie, Disney Campus Recruitment