Tips for Disney College Program Arrivals in Florida

I remember how nervous I was when I was about to begin my first Disney College Program a “few” Januarys ago. I didn’t know anyone else participating on the program and I was about 900 miles from home. I knew that I was going to be working in Quick-Service Food and Beverage, but that was about it.

Here’s what I have learned from assisting several thousand future Cast Members as they prepare for their own journeys. More information on all of these topics can be found on the onboarding website.

Bring Your Completed Hire Documentation and Valid Employment Eligibility Documents

The “Hire Documentation” is the PDF packet of forms available for download on the onboarding website. This includes your I-9, W-4, and a few other company-specific legal forms.  
As of April 2012, all incoming participants complete their hire documentation online.

Valid Employment Documents are required by the U.S. Government to complete your I-9 form. Most participants bring their driver’s license and Social Security Card.

Please remember that what you bring must be originals, no photocopies allowed. If you do not have the acceptable documents, you will not be able to start working until you have obtained them and your I-9 has been completed.


Be within Disney Look Guidelines upon arrival

No need to be in professional attire, but your clothing should be in good taste. Wearing something with your school logo or Greek letters is an easy way to strike up conversations with people as you go through the process.

Hair styles / color should be within Disney Look Guidelines. In addition, everyone should be within the guidelines for body modifications (examples: visible tattoos/skin implants, tongue piercing, earlobe expansion). Guys, be sure that your facial hair is within Disney Look Guidelines.


Vehicle Documentation

If you are bringing a car and need a parking sticker, don’t forget to bring your current vehicle registration, proof of insurance in your name, and a U.S. driver’s license.

If you are covered by a parent’s policy and your name does not appear on your insurance card, you will need to show a copy of the actual policy that lists you as a covered driver to obtain a parking permit.


Check-in between 9am and 10am on your assigned arrival date.

If you arrive early, you’ll need to obtain your own accommodations until 9am on your arrival date.

If you happen to be delayed due to weather, that is OK. We understand that the weather does not always cooperate with everyone’s travel plans. Please let the College Recruiting offices know of your delay by emailing


Family Members and Friends are Welcome on Check-In Day

Usually we have a Family and Friends Welcome Area available for them to wait for you to check-in and receive your apartment assignment.


Be Ready to Have Fun and Work Hard

Some of your friends and family members may think that you are going to have a 5-7 month vacation.

Walt Disney World Resort is open 365 days a year. You may be scheduled to work early mornings or late nights. Your “weekend” may fall during the week such as a Tuesday/Wednesday. During really busy times (we call these “peak seasons”) you may be scheduled to work 45+ hours.

It is extremely important to be on time for any scheduled meetings, classes, or training sessions during your first few days and throughout your program.


I know you are probably just as excited, nervous, and anxious as I was. I hope you found this information useful and it puts some of your concerns at ease. Feel free to say “Hi” if you see me while you are in the Walt Disney World Casting Center checking in.

Chris, Communications Team, Disney Internships & Programs