The White Glove Award: Fact or Fiction?

Imagine you have just arrived at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. So exciting! Walking up, you see a small piece of trash on the ground and being the team-oriented cast member you are, you proceed to the nearest trash receptacle and complete “a Disney scoop”; throwing the trash away.

With a smile on your face, you head past the ticketing booths to the restroom before entering the park.  There are dirty footprints and hair on the floor, smudges on the glass, grime around the sink and a ring in the toilet! What a shock! You notify the nearest working cast member with the hope that this situation can be rectified as efficiently as possible.

Keeping your head high, you finally walk through the gates, scanning your Magic Band, looking forward to the day. Passing more trash receptacles, they are all overflowing, and passing through some stores clothing is piled high next to their hangers and merchandise is scattered on the floor and on the shelves. Even worse, passing several restaurants, there is half-eaten food on the tables and dirty dishes are stacked everywhere.

As a cast member, you are overwhelmed and ashamed that this park, which you love so dearly, is in such disarray. This is not the Walt Disney World Resort you are so happy to be a part of. As a guest, you realize your discomfort and decide to leave. What a sad day!

Disney International and College Programs are unique in that they incorporate equal Living, Learning and Earning opportunities. The above scenario was created to help our new participants understand the importance of cleanliness in their environments, whether that be at their work locations or in their housing apartments. Many potential and newly accepted participants don’t realize that they are expected to do their best in each component in order to be successful in their program, and we want everyone to be successful.

Here at the Disney Internships & Programs Service Centers, we work with many participants in regards to housing inspections. Inspections were created in order to promote the importance of the Keys of Safety and Show. Even though our housing complexes are not “on-stage” it is important for everyone to treat their environment the same as if they were at their work location.

The following guidelines will help every participant, present and future, succeed in attaining the (not-so exclusive) White Glove Award. This award is given to participants who pass ALL areas in our Housing Inspections! If you and your roommates attain this award you get your picture up on the board in the front office of your complex for all to see so everyone knows how hard you worked.

FICTION: If you make sure your side of the room is clean you will pass your inspection.
FACT: As a participant, you a responsible not only for your side of the room, but the bathroom you share with others, as well as the common spaces within your apartment. Also, making room cleaning a team effort will ensure that your entire room will pass the inspection!
FICTION: As long as the item is in the trash bin, you will pass your inspection.
FACT: Many participants let their garbage sit, overflowing, whether that trash is located in their bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen. Trash cans should be empty and fresh on your Inspection day.


FICTION: Every roommate has the same approach to cleaning.
FACT: One of the great things about the Disney Programs is how diverse and inclusive they are! You will meet people from all over this world of ours. No one is the same, and no one cleans the same. The best way to go about meeting inspection standards is to sit down face-to-face with your roommates as soon as you move in and come up with a plan of action.
FICTION:  As long as the windows and doors stay closed, bugs and rodents will stay away.
FACT: Disney Programs are a great way to enjoy the sunny states of Florida and California! If you find yourself living in these areas, you will come across all kinds of new creatures who have learned all kinds of ways to get into your space. The best way to avoid them is to make sure food is locked away, wrapped up and placed in the trash. Trash should be taken out, garbage disposals should be run, dishes should be cleaned and counter/stove tops should be wiped down to avoid these little friends!
FICTION: Clean clothing and linens can be placed anywhere in your room, because they are clean.
FACT: Look at your living space as if it were one of our wonderful resort rooms. Anyone should be comfortable walking in and feeling at home, so put your items in their appropriate place. Make your bed and put extra linens in your closet on the shelf. Clothing should be folded and placed in drawers, or hung up on hangers in your designated area in your closet.


FICTION: Having a heavy work schedule excuses participants from cleaning their apartment.
FACT: Even if you are working multiple long shifts, it is your responsibility to make sure you pass your inspection. Here, being a good team member is crucial. Make sure you set out time to speak with all roommates face-to-face to talk about what to do when a roommate is out of town, or rarely at home, due to their work requirements. This will ensure that everyone is able to chip in when they can to clean up after themselves and help one another.
FICTION:  If the dishes are clean, they can be placed anywhere in the kitchen.
FACT: Many of our participants prefer to hand-wash their dishes over using the dishwasher. This is allowed, however it is crucial to 1) Run the dishwasher anyway in order to avoid mold, and 2) Put clean dishes away in the cabinets within a 12-hour period after setting them on a drying towel or rack in order to pass your inspection.


FICTION: Issues apparent in the apartment upon move in are not your responsibility.
FACT: If anything is not in working order or if there is obvious mold in the apartment, contact the front desk immediately in order for them to send out someone! It is your responsibility to make sure your apartment is in tip-top shape.
FICTION: Apartments are blank canvases upon move in, where all roommates move in together.
FACT: Not every participant moves into a completely empty apartment. Many apartments have only one or two beds available! So if this is the case, making the most of your first days with your new roommates and figuring out what your responsibilities are will make this move in much easier and enable you all to succeed in passing your inspection. 

No matter where you are coming from, what your lifestyle is or what your habits are, it is possible for all participants to not only pass their inspections but achieve the White Glove Award. I encourage you all to consider the above and shoot for nothing short of Disney standards in cleanliness for your program.

Remember if you have questions about inspections during your program; please don’t hesitate to come see us at one of the Disney Service Centers! Right now, these are located in Vista Way in Building 21 and in Chatham Square in the Clubhouse.

Good luck to you all, I know you will be wearing those white gloves in no time!

CarolineDisney Service Center