The “What’s in It for Me” Test

What’s in it for me?  No matter what we do in life, we all tend to ask ourselves this question. It’s a fair question to ponder.  Perhaps you are thinking about applying for the Disney College Program. Or maybe you have recently received an offer and are now trying to decide if you should take the leap of faith and accept.

Ask yourself the question: what’s in it for me? What would I gain from the Disney College Program?

Now, you’re probably already aware that complimentary Theme Park admission and other discounts are available for Disney College Program participants. These are certainly benefits you should take advantage of during your Program.  However, your thought process should go far beyond these offerings.

Whether you are a freshman or senior in college, you should be focusing on building your résumé and making yourself more marketable in the future. Take it from someone who sees hundreds of résumés every year: it’s the “other experience,” such as part-time jobs, philanthropies, on-campus organization work and particularly internships that will make you stand out. Without this experience, you will be lost in the massive crowd of job applicants who are now in your shoes.

Maybe you’re interested in beginning what you hope is a long-term career with Disney. Well, the Disney College Program nudges your foot in the door.  You have the opportunity to gain that initial work experience with the company. And, by participating, you can network!  Many times, who you know can be equally as important as what you know. Certainly, there’s a balance, but having the chance to network with leaders in your desired field can ultimately put you in greater position for the potential next step – a Disney Professional or Management Internship.

Living permanently in Central Florida or Southern California is not appealing to everyone, and that’s perfectly fine.  But what the Disney College Program can do for you is put one of the most recognized companies in the world on your résumé.  That’s a powerful thing and may open many other doors for you.  If you have worked for Disney, other potential employers assume you are a team player, friendly, customer service-oriented and well-trained. Those happen to be qualities desired by just about any company.

Providing “magic” to millions of people is our business at Disney. What’s in it for me, you ask?  You get a truly magical internship at our Theme Parks and Resorts, while gaining experience that may help launch you into other future opportunities with Disney, or put you in better position to succeed with other companies when you return home from your Program.

Jeff, Disney College Program Recruiter

Jeff is the Disney College Program Regional Recruiter for the Philadelphia/NYC territory. His region consists of schools in New Jersey, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, Kentucky, New York City and Long Island.