Interested in a Disney Professional Internship? Worried about the time commitment required based on the job description? Scroll down, my friend!

Disney Professional Internships span across all of the brands of The Walt Disney Company, and each business has various internship season lengths. The most common internships range between either three to four months (shorter term) or five to six months (longer term).   

Like Ant-Man’s method, let’s start small and work our way up! 
You may be a great candidate for a shorter term internship during the college semester (three to four months) if:  

  • You have less flexibility to be away from school or cannot postpone graduation.   
  • You prefer a summer season internship, outside of the college semester.  
  • You’re unavailable to start an internship during the summer, but interested in completing an internship during the Fall or Spring college semester. 

Although shorter internships may appeal to some, longer term internships could lead to even more adventure!  

You may be a great candidate for an internship during the college semester (five to six months) if:  

  • You’re interested in combining a typical summer job and the fall/spring semester all in one program, equaling twice the fun and twice the number of future resume bullet points! 
  • You have the flexibility to be away from school for a full semester to gain amazing real world experience and allow more valuable time to network. 
  • You are a graduating senior, your school has a co-op program, or you need to complete a required internship for school. 

Ok, now it’s time to give you the secrets of success to remember when applying! 

  1. Pay attention to program dates, not just the title of the internship. Read the entire internship job description posting, especially the ‘Additional Information’ section which specifically list the internship program date information.  Pixie dust is in the details!
    • Spring – typically begin in January and end in May/June
    • Summer – typically begin in May or June and end in August/September
    • Summer/Fall  - typically begin in June and end in December/January   
    • Fall – typically begin in August or September and end in December/January
  2. Determine your availability and only apply if you have full availability for the duration of the internship program. Most Professional Internships are full-time, 40 hours a week. If those dates don’t work, we encourage you to reapply when the internship program meets your schedule.
  3. Application timelines will vary, but in most cases, applications are accepted one semester prior to participation. Therefore, we typically recruit a season before each internship. Please visit our website at frequently to stay up to date! 

Whichever Professional Internship program length you choose, I know you will have an incredible and life changing journey!

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