The Journey That Changed Me: Tara S, Recruitment Process & Integration Lead

In 1998, Tara began her Disney journey on the Disney College Program, working as a Merchandise Hostess at Magic Kingdom Park. Originally from Washington, she had visited the Disneyland Resort a few times, but had never had an opportunity to visit the Walt Disney World Resort. Looking back, it’s clear that this experience paved the way for where she is today – 14 years later.  At the end of her Program, Tara auditioned and was selected for a seasonal Entertainment role. Having an opportunity to perform at Disney was truly a dream come true for her! She spent the summer of 1999 working for Entertainment at Magic Kingdom Park. The Main Street Electrical Light Parade debuted that summer, and some of her fondest memories ever were made along the parade route.

Time passed and college graduation grew closer. Following graduation, Tara accepted a Professional Internship role with the College & International Housing team, which later flourished into a full-time Housing Coordinator position. Later down the road, she was promoted to a Housing Guest Service Manager. The Housing team was like a family, and as a result of her varied roles, she had an opportunity to develop professionally and personally.

Next, she accepted a temporary assignment on the Destination Disney team with a focus on the Pal Mickey project. Being part of a project team taught her how to take initiative and work independently.

At the end of that year, her team reorganized to form the Disney Photo Imaging (DPI) line of business. Tara knew this was a great opportunity and it gave her the chance to challenge herself with what she could do.

After the launch of Disney’s PhotoPass, she realized she had a desire to pursue a role in Casting, so she joined the Casting team in May 2005 as part of the Community Recruiting team. Over the years, she has had an opportunity to be an Entertainment recruiter and lead the Casting Services Operations Support team.

Today, Tara is a key member of a newly-developed team, Recruitment Process & Integration. She has had an amazing journey, filled with extraordinary experiences. Recently, she celebrated her eleven-year anniversary with the company and one thing’s for sure: the Disney College Program was instrumental in her success.