The Journey That Changed Me: Jeff L., Entertainment Operations Manager

During his early high school years, Jeff really looked forward to the arrival of the Wednesday paper. Why, you ask? The Wednesday paper featured the witty banter and research of a columnist known as the Answer Lady, and he was one of her biggest fans. In Dear Abby-like style, the Answer Lady addressed questions on various subjects – in fact, he even wrote to her, asking how he could get a job at the Walt Disney World Resort.

One Wednesday, she answered his question. She reported that general employment was available through the Walt Disney World Casting department in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, but she didn’t stop there. He didn’t know it then, but her answer would end up changing his life forever.

Instead of setting his sights on a job at the Walt Disney World Resort straight out of high school, the Answer Lady proposed that he begin college and explore the Disney College Program. With a little bit of wind knocked out of his ready-to-move sails, Jeff took her advice and headed to college to major in Television Broadcast Performance, with a minor in Theater.

During his sophomore year, he learned that the Program was recruiting at a nearby school, and jumped at the opportunity to interview. Jeff ended up landing a role at the “world famous” Jungle Cruise and, following his Program, was selected for Disney Professional Internship with the Walt Disney World Guest Relations team.

Since that time, Jeff has had the thrill of leading teams in many areas, including Park Operations and Entertainment. He’s worked with the beloved Disney characters and helped make performance dreams come true at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. He sometimes wonders where the Answer Lady is nowadays. If he found out, he’d write to her and ask, “Do you know how you helped me shape the career of a lifetime?”