“I wouldn’t trade it for anything, no, never. Your friendship is the best present ever.” – Tigger, Winnie the Pooh 

Every moment of your Disney Program will bring a new and magical adventure, and what better way to have those adventures than with your new best friends! During your program, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. Even though everyone has their own unique personality, you might just befriend these five types of people:  

The parental figure
This friend will ask you all the questions you expect your parents to ask (and you’ll more than likely love them for it!). They’ll check in to make sure you’ve eaten that day, have had enough water to drink, and they’ll be there for you when you’re not feeling like yourself. The parentalfigure friend is always carrying items you didn’t think you needed to pack such as: bandages, tissues, pens and extra Mickey ears. They enjoy helping others, which makes it very important to check in on them as well! While they can make great friends, they often forget to worry about themselves. 

The park (or resort) explorer
This friend is constantly posting on their social media about which park or resort they’re visiting. They truly enjoy being out all the time, and even when you don’t make plans with them, odds are you’ll run into them at a park! The explorer friend has a detailed list of their favorite attractions, restaurants and merchandise locations. They know when the best time to go to the parks is and they almost always have a FastPass+ for Avatar Flight of Passage.  

The Disney buff
This friend knows everything about anything when it comes to The Walt Disney Company. The Disney buff will be able to tell you the full story about the windows located on Main Street, U.S.A. at Magic Kingdom Park and about details that are hidden in plain sight. They’ll more than likely start their sentence with “did you know?” or “fun fact!” Their plethora of knowledge is super entertaining and they make the best teammate during a Disney trivia contest.  

The stay-at-home friend
The complete opposite of the explorer type, this friend will opt to stay and enjoy the amenities around their complex instead of going to a park or resort. The stay-at-home friend will often go straight home from work and enjoy an awesome Disney movie instead. While they do value their time at home, they still love being invited out and will often say ‘yes’! (Just make sure to catch them in the right mood.) 

The Chip to your Dale
This friend can be described simply as your “Disney Programs best friend.” You might’ve met them during Disney Traditions, at your work location or somewhere around your complex, but ever since that first day, you’ve been inseparable! You enjoy going to the parks with them or just relaxing at your apartment – in fact, they might come over so often, your roommates refer to them as an additional roommate! No matter what you all do or how much time you spend together, you never grow weary of one another. 

Chances are you’re reading this post and thinking of the friends you’ve made who fall into these categories. Maybe you fit into one yourself! In the grand circle of life, everyone is in perfect harmony which makes these friendships extra magical. Your program may not last forever, but at least you’ll always have these friends who became family.   

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