Phone interviews are similar to in-person interviews. We’ll ask you a number of questions about your goals for the Disney College Program, your work experience, the roles you’re interested in, etc.

The interview will go by quickly! So here are some tips that will help you make the most of our time together:

Please align yourself with the Disney heroes and…

  • …reschedule your interview if you aren’t feeling well as we want you to do your best.
  • …reschedule your interview if a conflict arises (rather than ignore our phone calls).
  • …be prepared for the call to begin 15 minutes before or 15 after the stated interview time. (The call should last about 20 minutes.)
  • …note the proper interview time which is typically stated in Eastern Time. If you live in another time zone, be sure to translate that correctly.
  • …be in a quiet area for the duration of your interview.
  • …have your role checklist and a copy of your application in front of you during the interview.


But please do not do something villainous such as …

  • …schedule your interview for a time when you are in class.
  • …schedule your interview while you are at work. (That’s not fair to your employer or your customers.)
  • …let our call be your wake-up service or otherwise be surprised when we call. (Oh, right, my interview! Is that today?)
  • …invite your mom, dad or friend to participate on the call.
  • …take another call while you are interviewing and put your interviewer on hold.
  • …attempt to interview while driving.
  • …send text messages during your interview.
  • …tell your interviewer that your favorite attraction or theme park is one owned by a competitor.
  • …use or flush the toilet while you are interviewing. (Yes, this has happened!)

And be sure not to screen for blocked numbers during your interview time as our recruiters call from “anonymous” phone lines.


In other words, “Be prepared” and “Be courteous.” And, of course, “Be yourself.”

If you’ve made it as far as the interviewing stage, you’re heading down the right path. Just relax and enjoy the first steps in your Disney journey!

Disney College Recruiting