How to Succeed at Dressing for
Disney Look

Once accepted to a Disney Parks and Resorts Internship or Program, often one of the first things participants stress about is what they are going to wear. Our appearance standards are very important for upholding our company’s values and traditions. The Disney Look is very particular dress code guidelines our employees have to follow on a day to day basis. So how can one dress to impressive all while following these Disney Look guidelines?

What you may have deemed appropriate in high school or college is probably not appropriate in a professional setting. Most participants will need to switch up their wardrobe. If you are pressed for time preparing for your arrival, don’t worry. In Orlando and Anaheim, there are a variety of shopping malls and outlets that carry name brand clothing. They also happen to be located near the Disney-sponsored Housing area.


While shopping for clothing, be sure to collect the classics first. For example, women will want to pick out a timeless black dress, dress pants and a skirt in black and/or khaki, and a blazer.  Men will want a classic white button down shirt, a blazer, and a few colors of dress pants. Once you are set with these basics, you are easily able accessorize and personalize your look. These articles of clothing will be able to be used in many different outfits and will make it easier to switch up your outfits without constantly having to buy new things.


Overall, while shopping for your Disney Program, you will want to go more for the classic look and stay away from the extreme, cutting edge styles. This way, you will look clean, natural, and, most importantly, professional. If you are prideful in your appearance and make a genuine effort to dress well, you will convey an attitude of distinction and quality that the company maintains.

For more information, refer to the Non-Costumed Disney Look Guidelines on your onboarding site!

For additional examples of attire that is acceptable for Disney Traditions and the Education Courses, please refer to the Education Course overviews on our official YouTube channel.

Emily, Disney Internships & Programs Communications Team