The Disney College Program meets the Disney Professional Interns

Last week, the College Program participants in Anaheim had the opportunity to meet with the SoCal Professional Interns for a speed networking event at The Disneyland Resort. This was a great opportunity for both the College Program participants, as well as the Professional Interns. This event gave everyone the chance to learn about other parts of the company, growth opportunities, and create new connections at The Walt Disney Company.

While at the event, I had the great opportunity to talk to some College Program participants and Professional Interns and learn their thoughts on their respective programs. The College Program participants explained the growth and development opportunities in their program and the Professional Interns left some insightful advice for college program participants (or anyone) hoping to become a Professional Intern at Disney.

Check out all of the magical things they had to say below!

Kevin, Guest Services Assistant, Disney College Program
 “The College Program has been really helpful in presenting me with many opportunities to get out of my comfort zone and truly learn consistently. Networking and being able to connect with fellow colleagues and leaders is encouraged in the program and even in the work place. The opportunities to grow can span from anywhere in the company. My current role is a Guest Services Assistant at the Paradise Pier Hotel, but who is to say I won’t end up in attractions or food sales sometime soon? Many leaders I have spoken to have had multiple different roles that have allowed them to experience true learning by stepping out of their comfort zone. Becoming a well-rounded leader is a significant goal of mine, and The Walt Disney Company’s environment has been a great resource in my career development.”

Rebecca, Community Management Intern, Disney Professional Internships
“As a Disneyland College Program alumna myself, my top advice is to put yourself out there. If you find a position that you’re interested in, but you think that you’re not fully qualified or from the right background, apply to it anyway. I thought I didn’t have the right education for my current role in technology since I have a degree in political science, but I applied despite my self-doubt. I am so glad that I took a chance on this position, because if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t be having this incredible experience at my professional internship.”

Shannon, Merchandise, Disney College Program
“The college program is an excellent way to network and gain knowledge about the company. Even if you don’t see yourself working for Disney in the future, being trained by Disney looks great on a resume. For me personally, it is a step in the door. Everyone at Disney is so helpful and they are always willing to connect you with people and teach you anything you may want to know. I’ve been in the program for 2 months and I can already see all the different doors being opened for me.”

John, Creative Copywriting Intern, Disney Professional Internships
“Just like any Disney protagonist, we all have a distinct path in life. It may not be a carbon copy of your heroes and it may not even be the journey you were expecting, but the fact always remains that hard work, optimism and an attitude of kindness will never fail you.”

Jillian, Content and Production Intern, Disney Professional Internships
“The best advice I would give a College Program participant wanting to land a Professional Internship is to have another internship (or 2 or 3!) during your time in college and don’t become overly comfortable with being a front-lines cast member. I was in the DCP Fall 2015. I adored my role, but I didn’t allow myself to become complacent. I went back to school, had another internship, and got a degree, which lined me up to succeed in the resume process. I am actively helping my team recruit for the next intern and they want a well-rounded resume. Also, have the guts to ask the person whose job you admire to coffee and consistently follow up! Being in the college program puts you at a unique advantage to network and the company gets extremely small. Towards the beginning of my internship, I went to an event where I saw the Moana Co-Head of Animation speak, and I reached out to her… Not only did she answer, but we had lunch and have continued to remain friends and she has helped me cast an even wider network to look into Production Management for Animation as my next step. Sometimes all it takes is the courage to press send!”

Mary, Quick Service Food & Beverage, Disney College Program
“There are many opportunities for growth in the College Program, like the CP/PI mixer or Rostr where you can search anyone in the company and contact them. I can grow in this program by learning how to be a leader, knowing my strengths, how to improve on my weaknesses, and how to represent Disney as a company. It’s important to me because I’ve grown up with Disney and many people have high praise for this company and what they do and I want to represent them well.”

Isaac, Digital Media & Design Intern, Disney Professional Internships
“Be fearless. You should feel empowered to jump towards your aspirations. Shatter any roadblocks you may put in your mind that makes you think you’re ‘not good enough’.  Take some time to truly discover what makes you unique and stand out from the rest. Believe in those findings, grab hold to who YOU say you are, and deliver that forward as you move towards your next career move!”

George, Quick Service Food & Beverage, Disney College Program
“The College Program offers such a unique experience for me as a recent graduate. It gives me the platform to meet people from across the Company in a variety of roles and levels and give me access to their knowledge. I worked for the Company before I came over to the Disneyland Resort to do this program and I feel like I am better equipped and have an edge now that I am part of the College Program. I have seen not only in my work location but from the people we have met; the managers, executives, and leaders know that we are the future of the company! They are all so eager to develop us and help us grow. That is so important to me because as I am growing in my career having the support system that we have as College Program participants help me learn how to be a great leader and develop into a leader that Disney has shaped me to be!”

Mandy, Customer Information Practices Intern, Disney Professional Internships
“The biggest piece I could give to a College Program participant is to be kind to the people around you! You never know what kind of impact someone could make in your life.”

Lizzie, Costumer Professional Intern, Disney Professional Internships
“The best advice I have to give a College Program participant who wants a Professional Internship at Disney would be to educate yourself.  You need to know what the qualifications are for the position you are interested in.  Do you have the education background?  You need to know the computer programs associated with that position.  Are in confident in using Word, SAP, Vizio, Photoshop, etc.?  You also need to know what makes you as a person unique and fit for the role.  How will you accomplish what needs to be done in a way that is different from everyone else?”

Lauren, Attractions, Disney College Program
“Disney and specifically the College Program offer hands-on experiences, networking opportunities, and classes that help transition from university to career employment. The program offers opportunities beyond many traditional internships because of the professional development courses and organized networking events. Right after I graduated I knew I wanted to begin a career with Disney but how to start going about that wasn’t immediately clear. The College Program has provided me with a foot in the door, allowing me to experience the culture of the Company and introducing me to people who are excited to see me grow within Disney while showing me the many forms a Disney career may take over a lifetime.”

Kameron, Assistive Technology Intern, Disney Professional Internships
“My biggest piece of advice would be to ask questions – you can’t learn anything when you don’t ask. If you aren’t sure how to contact someone, take advantage of your time at the Walt Disney Company to look people up on Rostr and ask them if they would be willing to answer your questions. Also, don’t take any opportunities or any of your colleagues for granted. No matter which role you’re currently in during your CP, there’s likely someone who can introduce you to the right people within the company. Reach out to your trainers, coordinators, and leaders for help. Finally, have confidence in yourself – it is much easier for others to believe in you if you believe in yourself.”

Brooke, Vacation Planner, Disney College Program
“Disney does a phenomenal job providing college program students with opportunities to network and meet new people. I’m currently in the leadership speaker series course and almost every single speaker that we have had genuinely wanted to meet us and do what they could to truly invest in us. The housing team at the college program also works extremely hard to ensure that we are comfortable in our new home here at Disney, and building community with one another making our overall time here an experience of a lifetime.”

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