We’ve all gotten that question at some point. Every Disney Programs participant has 18 or more years of individual history, and it can be tricky to condense it into a 60-second statement for your interviewer. Think of it this way: Disney is a company known for its storytelling, and this question is a perfect opportunity for you to do exactly that, using something known as the present-past-future formula.

The present
As much as we on the team love gushing about our dogs and weekend plans, your interviewer is much more interested in your academic and professional life. Dazzle them with stories about your current studies, any jobs you might be working, and any current volunteer or campus organizations you’re involved with.

The past
How did you come to your current path of study and/or work? What hobbies, interests, or passions have guided your professional development? If you have any past experience with the posted job or with Disney, we want to hear about it!

The future
With stories about your past now fresh on your mind, talk about how those stories can influence and inspire your future. What from your past shaped your goals for the future, and how will a program or internship with Disney help you achieve them?

Let’s assume our favorite chef Tiana is a culinary student applying for a Disney Culinary Program. Her answer to the question might look something like this:
“As head chef and owner of Tiana’s Palace, I make beignets and gumbo for anybody who wants real Southern cooking. My daddy and I always had a dream of people lining up for miles just to get a taste of our food, and every waitress job I worked over the years helped make it happen. He taught me to work hard to make your dreams come true, and I wanted to make that dream bigger by going to culinary school. I’m hoping that with this program, I can bring even more people together with new recipes, new ways of cooking, and most importantly, good food.”

From here, your interviewers can take your conversation wherever they need to. Here are a couple other questions our recruiters like to ask, and a couple strategies for answering them:

Why do you want this internship?
Disney is a globally recognized name, and citizens across the world would love to be a part of it. We encourage you to follow Tiana’s example, and dig a little deeper beyond the reason, “I want to work for Disney.” Read the job description carefully, and reflect on how your personal, academic, and professional experience will enable you to do that job well.

For repeat candidates: What have you accomplished since we last interviewed you?
This is your time to show how far you’ve come in your professional journey since the last go-round. What new jobs, skills, or on-campus experiences have you had since your last interview? We’re eager to see how you’ve continued to grow!

A coworker from my Disney College Program days at Space Mountain once told me that a Disney job is a paid opportunity to be yourself, and that’s exactly what we’re looking for. The key to a successful interview is to prepare yourself, but ultimately be yourself. A new career is on the horizon.

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