Takeaways from your Disney Program

The magic of Disney spreads far and wide across this world, thanks in part to our College and International Program participants! That’s because after participants return home, they still express the traits and verbiage of a cast member.
I’m sure alumni will agree, there are some things you just can’t shake after your program is over.

The Disney Point

This one is a no-brainer because after only a few days of working for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, you learn the importance and prevalence of the Disney point. It’s a simple way to show respect to all of our guests, but takes some practice before it sticks. However, muscle memory persists after your program and pretty soon you’ll find it very strange to do anything other than the Disney point.



Disney professionalism is evident from the moment you check in on arrival day. With each cast member you meet, your understanding of Disney culture and career etiquette grows! Sometimes it’s as simple as smiling at someone you don’t know or asking a stranger about their role. Those who have taken part in educational offerings have an even greater knowledge and skillset that will follow them throughout their career.


Diverse Communication Skills

One of the most exciting, and rewarding parts of #DisneyPrograms is the exposure to a variety of people and cultures! Whether you’re living, earning or learning, it’s a great time to appreciate the diversity of the program and company! There are also a multitude of events offered throughout each semester that give participants more opportunities to broaden their understanding of the various countries represented! By the end of your program, you’ll find yourself able to communicate with almost anyone.


Wishing others “a magical day”

This one can cause some confused looks, but it can also be the driving force behind an unexpected, genuine smile! It might not be the most common phrase used in the drive-thru line or in a retail location, but to a cast member it’s nothing short of the norm. With a simple four-word phrase you can project magic and happiness onto any environment.


Having Disney on your résumé

Whether you’re applying for a professional internship, full-time role, or are searching for a career outside of Disney, a recruiter is going to double-take when they see you worked for The Walt Disney Company. This company has a global audience and a great respect from many other businesses. Your time as a program participant won’t go unnoticed and will help add credibility to your list of skills and accomplishments.

Your program may only last a few months, but memories and lessons learned from your experience will last a lifetime. Trust us, the pixie dust doesn’t wear off that easily!

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