Take your career to the next level with development and networking opportunities

When you think about the Disney College Program, the first thing that probably comes to mind is working at your favorite theme park or resort, making new friends or finally fulfilling your lifelong dream of working for Disney. Yes, these are definitely part of the overall experience, but did you know that the program also offers a whole lot more?

A few things that our California-based participants really enjoy each season are the career development and networking opportunities. Since many of our participants begin their program with the intention of having a future career with Disney or participating in a Disney Professional Internship, we try and do everything we can to give them opportunities that will set them up for future success.

At the Disneyland Resort, we recently completed a series of Career Development Workshops designed to provide the tools, resources and information necessary to take careers to the next level. These classes were each two hours in length and they could take as many as they wanted, or as many as they could fit into their schedule.

We began the season with our Personal Branding workshop, which helps the participants look deeper into the corporate world of brand management. In the class, we showed them how to apply this to their personal careers and we also helped them build their own personal branding statement, which can really come in handy when they’re developing cover letters and preparing for future interviews.

Up next was our Résumé Writing workshop. Think about how often you’ve worked on your résumé or how many times you’ve searched the internet for the perfect sample résumé to model yours after. Our workshop is designed to uncover some of the résumé writing myths that you see every day, and before the course was over, our participants had a great understanding of the strategies that will help them develop an effective résumé.

So, you’ve found your dream job and turned in your résumé …what’s next? Hopefully, an interview!

Our Acing the Interview workshop gave our participants suggestions for effectively marketing themselves before, during and after the interview experience. They also learned ways to approach the most commonly asked questions and how to differentiate themselves from other candidates.

If you’ve ever participated in the Disney College Program or spoke with someone who has, I’m sure you know (or have heard about) the importance of networking. Most of you have probably even heard the phrase, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Networking is so important, especially for young professionals, and that’s why we also host a Networking 101 workshop each season. In this class, we taught our participants tips about how they can be effective at networking during their program. We showed them the difference between formal and informal networking, and we even set up an event for them to get started and to help them practice what they learned!

These career development workshops that we offer our participants each season are truly unlike any other, especially if you’re looking into a future career with Disney or a Professional Internship.

I look back at my Disney College Program experience over 12 years ago and I’m so thankful I had the chance to take advantage of some of these amazing opportunities. The skills I learned helped me improve my résumé and gave me the confidence I needed to take my career to the next level.

If you’re hoping to one day participate in the Disney College Program (or looking to return for another), make sure to take advantage of everything we offer, including our career development and networking opportunities!

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