Bonding and buffets: Family-style dining with your Disney family

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Sharing a meal has always been an event with my family. It’s a time for us to share stories, laugh about the cat trying to get on the table again, [...]

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Cleanliness inspections – True or False?

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The rumors are true, friends—cleanliness inspections are conducted on a regular basis here in Disney Housing. The purpose is not only to make sure your apartment is “show-ready,” especially since [...]

Program Guide: Your #1 Resource

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Picture this: It is the first day of your Disney College or International Program. You pull into your new apartment complex and step out of your car. You’re immediately [...]

Dear diary, today I became a cast member: Program lessons from “The Princess Diaries”

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Ask someone to name a Disney princess and the responses will probably be Belle, Ariel, Rapunzel and the like. However, there’s one Disney princess many forget to mention: the frizzy-haired, [...]

Roommate Bonding Playbook: Florida Edition

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Your first week on the Disney College Program is a great time to bond with your roommates. These are people you will see every day and it’s important to start [...]

Receive service from the heart at the Disney Service Centers!

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Have a question about your program but not sure who to call? Never fear, the Disney Service Center (DSC) is here! Now located at each front desk of all four [...]

Apartment Meetings: Myths, Mysteries and Misunderstandings

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One of many things that I appreciate about Disney•Pixar animated films is how real and relatable the relationships are between the characters. If you think about it most, if not [...]

Disney Service Center, How Can We Help You?

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FAQs from our Participants, Past and Present The East Coast Disney Internships and Programs Service Centers are your one-stop shop for almost anything you could think of! Since I was [...]

The White Glove Award: Fact or Fiction?

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Imagine you have just arrived at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. So exciting! Walking up, you see a small piece of trash on the ground and being the team-oriented cast [...]

Navigating the Five Stages of Roommates

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Living with a complete stranger can be intimidating. You might be moving to a new state, starting a new job, and now you have to share an apartment with other [...]