Cleanliness inspections – True or False?

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The rumors are true, friends—cleanliness inspections are conducted on a regular basis here in Disney Housing. The purpose is not only to make sure your apartment is “show-ready,” especially since [...]

Disney Housing: Housing Administrative Services

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If College or International Program participants on the East Coast have questions about the living component of their program, they are referred to Housing. But what is “Housing?” Did you [...]

Opening Disney Housing love notes

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Love is all around! It’s evident in Disney films, across Disney parks, throughout VoluntEAR events and many other places The Walt Disney Company reaches. Disney Housing is no exception! The [...]

Instagram-worthy spots around Disney Housing

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According to Instagram, Disney Parks (including the Walt Disney World Resort) were the most Instagrammed location in the world in 2016. We totally get this as we, too, think a [...]

A story of a carefree DORMS experience

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Once upon a time, two ladies named Emily and Kristina applied to the Disney College Program at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Emily was selected to be [...]

The White Glove Award: Fact or Fiction?

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Imagine you have just arrived at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. So exciting! Walking up, you see a small piece of trash on the ground and being the team-oriented cast [...]

If the Disney Housing Complexes were Cast Members

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On the East Coast, we have four housing complexes set aside for Disney Internships and Programs participants. Each offers various amenities and brings to participants unique living experiences, almost as [...]

Navigating the Five Stages of Roommates

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Living with a complete stranger can be intimidating. You might be moving to a new state, starting a new job, and now you have to share an apartment with other [...]

DORMS: Housing Pre-Registration Process for Walt Disney World Participants

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It is certainly no secret that the living experience is a critical component to our participants’ overall experience on the program and no doubt, an extraordinary one as well. Therefore, [...]

Learn More about the Disney College Program Housing Team in California

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Many of you have applied for the Disney College Program and are eagerly checking your dashboard every day waiting for a final decision. Here in the Programs Office at the [...]