Staying home for spring break? Start preparing for a future career at Disneyland® Resort!

The spring break season is upon us, and millions of people will leave the chilly temperatures back home to visit somewhere warm. In fact, many of those people will spend their break right here at Disneyland® Resort. Are you going anywhere fun?  

If not, that’s okay! Spring break is the perfect time to update your résumé, search for jobs and make a list of your goals and dreams. Think about what you want to do after college and make a plan. Remember, no goal is too big and no dream is unachievable if you put your mind to it. 

If you’re dreaming about working at Disneyland Resort, taking part in our Disney College Program or landing a Disney Professional Internship, this is also an ideal time to start doing some research about the program and preparing for the application process. I know it’s challenging to think about these things while your friends are spending the week at the beach, but after watching a few of your favorite Disney movies and listening to some of your favorite Disney songs, you’ll be amazed how much motivation you’ll have.   

One way to learn more about all of the exciting activities and events offered during the program is to follow us on Twitter (@DLR_CP) and Instagram (@DLRCollegeProgram). By following along, you can virtually take part in all of the fun because most of this content is posted by our current participants and it showcases what they love most about their internship experience in California.   

You’ll quickly see that this is more than an internship, it’s an adventure! Are you curious to see what our participants do when they have a day off? Most of them spend the day in the theme parks and take in all of the sights and sounds. It’s also the best time to visit all of their favorite attractions and see how many they can ride in one day. The best part is, all of our participants receive complimentary admission into the parks during their program (subject to block-out dates). 

They also spend a lot of time at the nearby beaches, attend some of the sporting events in the local area and visit Hollywood and Burbank for some live tapings of their favorite shows. A few years ago, we even had a participant win big on The Price is Right!  

We also do our best to make sure our participants are getting the most out of their internship and having fun. Just this month, we’re taking them to an Anaheim Ducks game, going on a private Disney-fied tour of Hollywood and experiencing two behind-the-scenes tours of poplar Disneyland attractions.  

While you’re dreaming about joining our Disneyland® Resort family for an internship, spend this spring break thinking about the roles/jobs that you may be interested in. Remember, the more you’re interested in, the more flexibility our recruiters have in placing you in the program.  

Whatever you’re interested in, know that role inside and out and understand how your skills could translate to being successful in that position. Don’t settle for just telling your recruiter you want to work in Merchandise or Attractions; tell them why you want those roles and why you’d be an awesome fit.  

Spring break is also the perfect time to set goals for yourself. Whether you’re still in high school or getting ready to graduate from college in May, the years will fly by. Don’t just think about what you want to do, come up with ideas on how you can get there. If working at Disneyland is your ultimate goal, the Disney College Program is how many of our Cast Members got their start…including me! 

Disneyland® Resort is Walt Disney’s very first theme park and the history and heritage here is incredible. If you’re a Disney history enthusiast, you’ll love the events and offerings we host for our participants, such as a tour of Walt Disney’s private apartment and an exclusive tour of the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank. And there’s plenty more!  

Keep in mind, if becoming a Cast Member at Disneyland® Resort is something you’ve been dreaming about forever, have the courage to follow your dreams. And spring break is the best time to prepare for the journey and to set yourself up for success.  

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