Sparks flew at Starlit Splash: A Beach Party Bash

  • Starlit Splash 2013

On May 1, from 7 p.m. and continuing clear ‘til midnight, 3,400 Disney Internships and Programs participants gathered at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park for a momentous end-of-semester event – Starlit Splash.

As the sun set, the memories commenced, in the form of unlimited water park fun, picnic-style fare and ice cream treats. Rainy skies may have been present, but the pulse of the event was radiating with sunshine.

Starlit Splash 2013

Since wait times were basically non-existent, attendees were able to enjoy the water park in its entirety. Many opted to splash in the wave pool, while others jetted down water slides. Some participants even walked on the wild side and went swimming with the sharks at Shark Reef!

Speaking of highlights, tasty favorites like pulled pork sliders and Mickey premium bars were staged around the water park for easy access and enjoyment.

In the center of the water park, adjacent to the wave pool, DJ Charles set up shop to host a high-energy dance party along the beach. As the hours passed, attendees were joined by Captain Jack Sparrow and his pillaging pirate crew, who posed for pictures and charmed many into exploring their adventurous way of life.

Starlit Splash 2013

To cap off the evening, a dynamic fireworks display was released, and it sparked the perfect mix of surprise and delight. As a special takeaway, participants even received an exclusive glow-in-the-dark Starlit Splash T-shirt.

So, here’s to the night! For those of you who recently left or who’ll be heading home soon – thanks for the memories. We’ve enjoyed getting to know you this semester. And if you’re joining us this summer and/or fall, get excited! There’s a lot to look forward to.

Sara, Disney Internships & Programs Housing