When a candidate submits an application for any posting on disneycareers.com, they will receive updates on their application through email.

Unfortunately, each recruiting season we are contacted from students who missed important emails (such as instructions on setting up an interview or they were extended an offer) and also forgot to check their dashboard regularly.

Here are a few tips on what candidates can do to reduce possible challenges with receiving email and also the mindset of missing an email because someone else received one.


1) When you apply, use an email client that allows a high level of control over your spam filters.

Some email clients will direct our messages to a spam or junk file. Others may block delivery entirely. School email systems tend to have very strict filters which you may not be able to change. Web-based email clients allow users more control.


2)  Create filters to accept and place emails in your primary inbox from the following:

  • @disneycareers.com – emails pertaining to applications and interviews
  • @disney.com – email directly from Disney College Recruiting, Disney Education, or Disney Housing
  • @disneyparks.com – course registration, housing pre-registration, and communication to current participants.
  • @disneycasting.net – subscribers to specific program updates (ex. application availability) and those who were not selected for the character performer role after auditioning. Communication to current participants may also originate from this domain.

Information on how to create email filters can be found in your email client’s “help” menu.


3)  Be mindful of careless typos.

Listing “.cmo” instead of “.com”, “.eud” instead of “.edu”, and accidentally typing a comma instead of a period are examples of common errors candidates make in their email address.

If you need to correct your email address, you may log into your dashboard and make the change on your profile.

4)  Not everyone will receive the same communication or communication at the same time.

We strongly suggest that candidates do not compare the communication they received with others. More often than not, this results in confusion.

Candidates will move through the process at differing rates. The communication sent to a candidate will reflect specifically where they are in the process and any next steps they need to take.


5)  There may be several hours, days, or weeks between updates.

Each message will contain information to help you manage your expectations on when you should receive the next update. Please base your expectations on the information provided to you from the recruiting team and not information from other candidates or former participants.


6)  Check Your Dashboard

Don’t forget this step!

Any communication sent regarding an application will be stored on your dashboard. If an email was missed or accidentally deleted, you will be able to find a copy to reference there.

It isn’t necessary to refresh your dashboard every few minutes. It won’t make it update faster and there are most likely other things that would benefit from your attention such as that research paper you haven’t started.

At most, you only need to check your dashboard once or twice a day. You could even check every other day. Candidates who are asked to set up interviews have a several day window in which to do so. Same with candidates who receive offers.


Applications for the 2016 Spring and Spring Advantage sessions of the Disney College Program and Disney Professional Internships will be available soon.

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Chris, Disney Internships & Programs Communications Team