Be sure to find a quiet place for your phone interview. Have you resume in front of you to take notes and answer any questions about your experience.

Your phone interview is your moment to inform your interviewer all about what qualifies you to be part of Disney Internships & Programs! You’re already determined to make this interview count, but you may be seeking advice on how to prepare for your best performance. Here are a few tips to help you out:

Hakuna Matata
It means no worries! It is perfectly normal to feel a bit anxious before your interview, and it’s OK! Overcome your worries by channeling that excitement into positivity. Practice a few general interview questions with a friend to help loosen you up, and read over your résumé one last time to ensure you can easily articulate your previous experience.

Dress the Part
Prepare as if your interview is face-to-face. Wear professional clothing, put on your dress shoes and fix that stray strand of hair. Looking professional will certainly help you feel like a professional, and it will reflect in your tone during your phone interview.

Find Your Spot
Plan in advance where you’ll take your phone interview. Find a quiet spot, free of interruptions. If you’ll be using a cell phone, make sure you have a good signal and reception. Before you begin, let anyone around know you’ll soon be on an important call. Then, give yourself some distance from them and make your spot your own.

Check Your Posture
Some phone interviewees find it helpful to stand while speaking to the interviewer. Others prefer to sit up straight during the call. Keeping a good posture during your interview will help you project your voice louder and clearer, showing your confidence.

Have Notes Handy
Before your interview, put aside paper and a writing utensil. Sometimes you may want to jot down notes from the interviewer, such as the next steps in the application process. It often helps to keep your resume or a list of your questions nearby, for easy reference during your interview.

Just Say “No” to Distractions
So, you’ve got your spot and your notes. Now just remember to resist the temptations of potential distractions around you, like your notepad, pen and surroundings. Remember: pretend that your interview is actually face-to-face. Listening and responding well are the keys to your phone interview.

Have a Smile in Your Voice
Being a cast member is all about exceeding guests’ expectations by going above and beyond. You’re probably excited for your opportunity to interview with the place where dreams come true, so don’t be afraid to let it show! Your interviewer will enjoy hearing that smile in your voice.

Communication Team, Disney Internships & Programs