See ya real soon: A look back on my year as a Disney Professional Intern

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

I still remember the day I received the phone call from my recruiter offering me my professional internship. I was working at my job at my university, and I missed the call since I wasn’t allowed to have my phone out at work. The minute I got off of work, I called her back and she offered me my dream internship, and of course, I accepted instantly. I couldn’t believe that THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY wanted ME to work for them! I was a little excited, to say the least. Working at Disney was always a dream of mine. I never felt like I would actually achieve this dream, but with hard work, I did it.

The beginning of my internship was a blur. I graduated, and two days later, I was putting on my work clothes and heading to my Disney Beginnings orientation. I remember stepping foot into Legends Plaza for the very first time. I remember how warm it was on that summer day. I remember meeting people I still remain friends with a year later. I remember wondering how I got here. I remember looking around at all of the famous names around me, and feeling like I could achieve anything. I believe this day was the start of the rest of my career.

Fast forward a year, I’m now at the end of my internship and I still feel that same magic I felt on the very first day. To give you some background, I’ve been interning as a social media and communications intern for the talent acquisition marketing team for the past year. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of supporting recruitment marketing across the enterprise. It was a great experience meeting people from all over the company and being able to tell their career stories. It’s amazing knowing all the incredible work that goes on in all the different segments of the company.

I think one of the greatest aspects of my internship was that it never felt like an internship. I always felt like an integral part of the team. I always felt like my work was needed, and I think that’s extremely important. My team always encouraged me to take chances and to grow.

This was true in both my daily work and all the extra things I was able to attend out of the office. I had the opportunity to do a lot of amazing things. I went to early movie screenings, ride walk throughs, recruiter panels, game nights, holiday celebrations, tours, skill building classes, and more! I’ve grown a lot in the past year. I’ve learned new things about The Walt Disney Company, the working world, and myself.

This internship honestly exceeded my expectations. I got everything I wanted out of it and much, much more. It’s a pretty bittersweet feeling knowing I’m almost done. I’ll miss the little things about my position, like interviewing people and attending weekly team meetings. I’ll miss intern lunches. I’ll miss early Disney movie screenings. I’ll miss having to decide which commissary to eat at with my friends. I’ll miss the people who worked on my floor. I’ll miss all the great presentations, talks, and panels at the company. I’ll miss doing meet and greets with people across the enterprise. I’ll miss everything, but I know this isn’t the end of my Disney story. Disney set me up for greatness and even though I’m leaving the company to work somewhere else, I know I will be back one day. This isn’t a goodbye, this is a see ya later.

Thanks for making my dreams come true Disney.




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