Say Y.E.S to Success

Think about the best class that you’ve ever taken. Was it the subject matter that made it great? An awesome professor? The 189-foot castle in the middle of your classroom?!

The Disney Youth Education Series (Y.E.S.) is an opportunity held through Disney Youth Programs that turns our U.S. theme parks and backstage areas into a facilitated educational experience for thousands of students every year….and I am fortunate enough to be one of their newest facilitators!

If you have any interest in speaking in front of large groups, have an education background, or simply just want to get out of your comfort zone, becoming a Y.E.S. facilitator might be an opportunity to look into. The Y.E.S. programs offer both Professional Internship and Cross-U opportunities. If you’re unfamiliar, a Cross-U is an opportunity for the Y.E.S. programs to “borrow” you from your full-time location on an as-needed basis so that you can facilitate their courses.

Say Y.E.S.

When posted, whether on or The Hub for those Cross-U opportunities, there is an application to fill out to account for your experience. The second part of the application process is an audition, where you have the opportunity to facilitate for three-five minutes. The subject matter: whatever you want! During my audition, people facilitated how to brush your teeth, how to breathe properly when you’re singing, and we even got to learn how to do an official kickline from a former Radio City Rockette! With a background in higher education and leadership development, my facilitation experience was about personal branding.

Once everyone is done facilitating, the Y.E.S. Leadership team asks successful candidates to stay back for a one question interview! This question could be anything from logistical facilitation questions and experience to finding out more about your passion areas. Once you’ve completed that…we wait.

The outcome to my audition was a YES for Y.E.S.! And I was offered the opportunity to train for the College Edition: Disney Youth Education Series, facilitating a program called Disney’s Culture of Excellence. I have the opportunity to use Magic Kingdom Park as my classroom, facilitating an experience that brings students into the Disney culture, and using our cast members, guests and attractions as examples of our internal and external brand loyalty.

Overall, the Y.E.S. is a phenomenal opportunity to build your résumé in a unique way, while providing insightful experiences for our guests. I would definitely encourage anyone who is interested to reach out to to learn even more about the opportunities!

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