Have you spent the last few weeks dreaming big and looking for fun and exciting opportunities to make 2019 your best year ever? Some people like to set fitness goals or challenge themselves to get better grades, but the reality is, many of you will spend the year looking for a job or an internship. 

Can you imagine spending half the year in sunny Southern California, working at Disneyland and networking with professionals from throughout The Walt Disney Company? How about attending professional development classes and taking part in exclusive backstage tours and events beyond your wildest dreams?  

Don’t just dream about it…make it happen! 

The next Disney College Program recruiting season is almost here and in California, we’re looking for eager, passionate college students who want a chance to work at Disneyland® Resort and help us make unforgettable memories for our guests. This season, we’re recruiting for our Fall (Aug. to Jan. 2020) and Fall Advantage (May to Jan. 2020) programs. 

If you’re interested in applying, here are a few things to think about that’ll help you along the way (including a potential interview): 

Fall versus Fall Advantage. Don’t just look at the arrival dates and select a season based on the length of the program; know the differences! Our Fall program includes housing and you’ll live with other participants in our Carnegie Plaza apartment complex, located about two miles from Disneyland. Our Fall Advantage program is for local students who already live in the area and have their own housing.  

If you live out of state (or away from the Anaheim area) and aren’t sure what to do, I highly recommend living in our housing complex. It’s an excellent chance to make new friends and much easier than trying to find your own place to live, which can be very expensive. 

Know the different roles. We offer over 18 incredible roles on the program and all of them are fun and unique in their own way. These range from food and beverage, retail, custodial, lifeguard and even front desk and guest services at our resorts. But as you can see, we have a lot more than just these! 

When filling out your application, read the description for each role and if it’s something you’re interested in, qualified for and a job you wouldn’t mind doing during your internship, feel free to mark an interest in it. The more roles you’re interested in, the more flexibility we have to place you in the program.  

Just remember, every role that you mark an interest in, you’ll be considered for, so be prepared to talk about all of those during the interview. Here’s a tip: if you’re highly interested in a few specific roles, think about ways you could make a difference in that role and use examples of your skills and work experience to highlight why you’d be a good fit.  

Should I bring a vehicle? If you have a reliable vehicle that you can bring, I would highly recommend bringing it. Getting around Southern California is important because there are so many amazing things to see and do. Beautiful beaches, Hollywood Blvd., professional sports, historical Disney landmarks and buildings are all just a short drive away! 

In the interview, you’ll be asked if you plan on bringing a vehicle if you were selected for the program. Think ahead! I see so many people spend five minutes of their 20 minute interview trying to decide if they’ll bring their car. Don’t let that happen to you! Think ahead and have your decision finalized before your interview. That way, we can have a spot reserved for you in one of our parking garages.  

Just know, it’s okay if you don’t bring a car because we also have public transportation options. There’s a public bus that will take you to Disneyland Resort and back every day. The bus stop is a block from our apartment complex and the best part is, the bus pass is complimentary for our interns. As part of our Disney Commuter Assistance program, you’ll actually earn money back on your paycheck for taking the bus and making other smart transportation options.  

These tips are very important in the interview process, but don’t forget that the most important part of the interview is YOU!  The more you prepare and the more I know about you, the easier it is for me to make my hiring decisions and find a spot for you on this life-changing adventure! I hope to see you real soon!

BrandonDisneyland Housing Communication
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