Arrivals are right around the corner in Florida for Disney College Program, Disney Culinary Program, and Disney Professional Internships participants! You may think that your exciting journey begins at check-in.  It actually starts much sooner!

Preparation is key to having a successful arrival and check-in.  You should start preparing for your arrival right now from your own home! Below are a few ideas and suggestions to help make your transition smooth and easy!

Employment Eligibility Verification

To begin working; you will need to show proper employment eligibility documentation. Review the list of acceptable documents provided to you on your onboarding site. Please be sure to bring the original documents with you (no photocopies will be accepted). All documents must be current (expired documents cannot be accepted).

By not bringing these proper documents with you, it may not only delay your start to attend Disney Traditions, but also your training!

If you are an international student, please be sure to read this article about the documents that you must bring from your school.

Online Onboarding Paperwork

Please complete all onboarding paperwork prior to your arrival. This will help make the process more efficient and faster for you and save you the time in filling out all the paperwork by hand.

If you were instructed to complete the paperwork online, you will not have to bring copies with you to arrivals. If you made a mistake and saved the document with the error, please let us know once you arrive.

Review The Disney Look

Our appearance standards are an important part of our company’s heritage. You are expected to review the full Disney Look guidelines prior to arrival. You must be in compliance with the Disney Look guidelines by arrival.  The complete Disney Look Book can be found on your onboarding site.  Here are a few highlights.

If you are not within the guidelines, it can delay your start with Disney Traditions and training in your work location.

On your move in day, you may be in casual attire.

Bring enough money to last a few weeks

Cast members are paid every Thursday. There is a chance you may not receive your first paycheck until 1 ½ weeks after you arrive. You should have enough money to buy food, shoes for work and any other personal items you may need during your stay.

Register for Courses

You can register for your Disney classes and seminars by visiting


We are so excited for you to arrive! Please keep in mind that this is only a highlight of things to do to prepare. Please refer to your onboarding site for a detailed step-by-step preparation guide.

If you have any questions about your arrival, please feel free to contact us.

Christy, Disney College Recruiting
Christy, Disney College Recruiting