Property Showcase for new Magic Kingdom Cast Members

After most of our Disney College Program and Disney International cast members have arrived and settled into their new roles, our Theme Parks and many of our Resort Hotels host property showcases. These Property Showcases are designed to highlight property specific information and reiterate the 4 Keys with special emphasis placed on Safety.

The 4 Keys are our guiding principles that guide us in everything that we do. We begin all of our plans and procedures with safety in mind. We want to provide a safe place to work for all of our cast members and a safe place to play for all of our guests. We focus a lot of attention on role oriented examples of safety but these examples can transfer into our personal lives as well. For example, many of us like to listen to music from our MP3 players using ear buds while we are on break or walking to the bus. Making one minor adjustment to just use one ear bud can help us live safer by helping us remain aware of any warnings or alarms which we might not hear while wearing both ear buds.

In these sessions we learn about events and activities that are happening during our Programs. Events like the International Flower & Garden Festival at Epcot and the opening of new attractions within our Theme Parks.

Property Showcase for new Magic Kingdom Cast MembersWe talk about some of the reasons why we chose to join the Program and the impact that this experience has on our guests and on us. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, they shared how a young boy was affected by his visit to the park learning about the animals and the importance of the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund. When it was time to celebrate his birthday, he did not ask for gifts. Instead, he asked for everyone to donate to the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund.

Some of us shared a few of the magical moments that we have made for our guests, like some of our friends in Merchandise taking the time to interact and play with children in the shops so their parents could make their purchases. Another cast member shared how he greets guests he encounters by relating to some of the things written on their t-shirts.

We learned more about the Attendance Matrix and calling-in for our shifts and how this negatively impacts our record cards.

There is so much to learn all throughout this Program. We will no doubt hear about the 4 Keys over and over, as they are so important to the overall experience for our guests and us. These are things that we can take with us when we return to school or when we start our careers with any company. These Property Showcases are being facilitated by Leaders, with many years of experience with Disney and it is awesome to learn from people who have such passion for all that we do as cast members.

Mickey, Disney Service Center Coordinator