Program Guide: Your #1 Resource

Picture this:

It is the first day of your Disney College or International Program. You pull into your new apartment complex and step out of your car. You’re immediately given a warm welcome from a Housing cast member, and the first thing that they hand you is a small, purple book.

You glance at it quickly before being distracted by finally meeting your new roommates and quickly adjusting your hair before that all-important Housing ID photo.

Weeks pass by and before you know it, the book is haphazardly tossed on the closet floor, wedged between your work costume and Mickey Mouse ears.

As you attend your classes and pass through your Housing Service Center, you keep hearing the words Program Guide being tossed around and how much knowledge is held within its pages.

You think back to that life-changing first day and recall the purple book laying on your closet floor. You pick it up and become pleasantly surprised with the wealth of information it contains that you wish you would have known earlier.

The Program Guide is one of the best resources available to you during your program. Within its pages, you can find information about every aspect of your program, including the living, learning and earning components. The information in it will set you up for success from the moment you arrive on your program to the moment you depart so it would behoove you to be familiar with its contents. Below is a brief overview of some popular Program Guide topics so you can be in the know even before your program begins:


Addresses, Phone Numbers and Property Maps

One of the most frequently asked questions from new participants is: “My family wants to send me package, but I don’t know my address! Where can I find it?” All of the addresses and phone numbers to each apartment are listed in the Program Guide, as well as other important contact information to Housing and work location departments that will help you navigate your way through your program.

Additionally, should you have class or visit a friend that lives in a different Housing complex than yours, there are maps of each property with labels on important places like recreational areas, the Disney Service Center, mail kiosks and security.


Guide to Roommate Relations

We’ve found that the shared interest of all things Disney is a bond between participants that is difficult to break; however, sharing a room with a new person, living and working away from home, along with getting acclimated to the hustle and bustle of CP Housing – life can be a challenge at first.

To make sure things remain harmonious within your apartment, it’s a good idea to review the Guide to Roommate Relations in the Program Guide as a group right at the beginning of your program. The guide lists out topics to discuss like when guests will be permitted in your apartment, whether or not you’ll be sharing food or other items, what temperature the AC should be set at, and what your cleaning schedule will look like.

By having conversations like these at the beginning of your program, you’ll all know what each other’s expectations are and won’t run into any surprises down the road. Should a conflict arise, there are steps to conflict resolution in the Program Guide, as well.


Community Codes

Before starting a program, each participant signs off on a list of Housing rules, or Community Codes, that they agree to abide to while living in Housing.

Not only do these codes list what is expected of everyone living in Housing, but they also have useful information about the visitor authorization policy, items that are prohibited, and what to do in case of an emergency. It’s a great idea to review these codes, which are located in the beginning of the Program Guide, right after you arrive so you can set yourself up for success and be a Housing all-star!

This has just been a brief overview of what helpful information is tucked inside the Program Guide. Other topics include cast member exclusives and activities, future opportunities for Disney College and International Program cast, education overviews…the wealth of knowledge it contains is endless! When you arrive on your program, instead of tossing your Program Guide on your closet floor, pick it up and start reading!

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