Interview Do's and Don'ts

You’ve filled out your application and successfully completed the web-based interview, so what’s next? The phone interview: your chance to shine and market yourself as a top contender for the Disney College Program. Phone interviews offer a unique interview experience when it comes to selling your talents and personality without the benefit of a typical face to face interaction.

So based on our history conducting hundreds of thousands of interviews, we’d like to give you as many tips and tricks as we can to put your nerves at ease. For starters, read over past articles we’ve posted to the blog and then brush up on the following list of interview do’s and don’ts to ensure you’re set up for success!


Find a Quiet Place
You don’t want to be distracted or interrupted during your interview. Even though you won’t be interviewing directly in front of someone, you need to treat this interview no less professionally.

Your focus, interest and demeanor will most definitely translate over the phone and being distracted could be perceived as a lack of planning and interest in the program.

Be Prepared
The interview is structured and will move along quickly. Be prepared to share your preferences for specific work locations you feel you have the talent and experience to thrive in. We will certainly notate your requests but cannot guarantee placement.

We recommend you have something to write with in case you want to jot down notes or questions which you will have time to ask at the end of your interview.

Conduct a mock interview with a friend, parent, a mirror or possibly best of all, career services. Many career services departments offer interview preparation services. Check and see if your school offers something to help you prepare.

Know Your Strengths
Look over your résumé before your interview so that you can better articulate your skills and experience. Sometimes the simplest things can slip your mind unless you do a quick review.

Be Flexible
Although we try to stay punctual, the call for your interview could come a few minutes before or after your scheduled time. Please be ready for the call 15 minutes prior to your interview and know that the call could potentially come 15 minutes after your scheduled time, depending on a variety of factors.

Your flexibility in helping us provide the greatest possible interview experience to all candidates is appreciated.

Project a positive image throughout your interview! It shows, even over the phone!



There’s no need to stress! We want you to succeed as much as you want to! That friendly voice you hear on the phone is genuine. I may be biased, but I think our Interview Partners are some of the nicest people around!

“Squeeze in” Your Interview
You’ve got a busy schedule. We definitely understand. Don’t try and squeeze an interview in between classes or right before work if you’re unsure if there’s time. We offer a wide variety of options for interview times to provide some flexibility in scheduling.

There’s no need to risk being late to work or class because of the interview and feeling rushed will most likely have an impact on how you portray yourself in the interview.

Share or Search for All the Details
We understand the benefit of research. However, we highly recommend avoiding searching for previously posted interview questions/recordings or in recording and posting your interview or any aspect of your application process online. Everyone’s experience in the application and interview process is different and our search for diversity in our candidates’ experiences and knowledge is broad. We want to avoid confusion and misinformation.

Supporting each other through the process is great, but sharing interview details is something that should generally be avoided.

Please, do not under any circumstance attempt to complete your phone interview while driving. If you’re on the road and your interview time is approaching, find a safe place to stop. If you can’t find a safe place where you’re comfortable stopping, continue to your destination and call our office to reschedule your interview. Do not do anything that would jeopardize your safety or the safety of others. Our Interview Partners are instructed to stop any interview where they suspect a candidate is participating while operating any type of motor vehicle.


We wish you luck in this final stage of the application process and look forward to learning more about your skills and “hearing” your smile shine through the phone!

Kirk, Disney Internships & Programs Recruiting