What’s New with the Arrivals Process in Florida this Spring?

Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! We’ve been preparing for your big day, and it is always our goal to continuously evaluate participant feedback and improve our processes to make the check-in experience safe, easy and enjoyable.

This spring, we are updating our process to have each participant check in at the Disney Service Center of the complex in which they will be living (offsite participants will check in at Patterson Court). That’s right, you are reading this correctly: you won’t have to stand in line at Vista Way and then try to figure out where your complex is…you’ll know ahead of time and can plan your arrival accordingly!

In order to create a safe, streamlined experience, we have created arrival windows tailored to accommodate your required onboarding appointments.  The window for your arrival is very specific, but think of it like a Fast Pass – this time has been reserved just for you so that you may take your photo, get your key and Housing ID and be on your way! For your safety and the safety of our current participants, you will not be able to enter the property prior to your scheduled time, so please do not arrive early as there is not a place to wait or park within our property.

What you’ll need:

To gain access to property you will need to present a printed copy of your itinerary and to check in you will need a printed copy of your DORMS boarding pass and government-issued photo ID.  International participants will also need their I-94, passport and DS-2019 (if applicable).

Sample Arrival Itineraryclick to expand

Luggage, Friends and family:

If you are coming by taxi, you will be permitted to drop off your luggage upon arrival (instruct your driver to enter property and drop off at the clubhouse). Please remember to arrive at your scheduled time so you will not be required to exit property after dropping your luggage, and/or wait outdoors for your arrival window to start. Disney Housing Operations is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

If you are coming in a personal vehicle or with friends and family, please leave your belongings in the car while you check in. Take note of the appointment times on your itinerary – if your casting bus time is close to your check-in, your family may wish to stay at their hotel until you will be ready for move-in. We do not have space for friends and family to wait, and they are not permitted to stay in your apartment without you.


If you are planning to bring a car for your program, you will need to purchase a vehicle decal. This is done via the DORMS event calendar (more information will be provided upon arrival).

There are more important reminders in your itinerary and reminder email from DORMS, so be sure to review them closely along with any other emails you receive.  We wish you a safe and pleasant journey and will see you real soon!

ChristinaDisney Internships & Programs Housing Communications Team