The start of your Disney Program is an exciting time. You’re moving to a new city, settling into a new apartment with people from all different parts of the world and starting a Disney journey of a lifetime! While you’re getting used to your new surroundings and taking everything in, you may have a few questions regarding your internship. Your Disney Program Guide is your ultimate handbook to everything regarding your program.

Housing: Your living experience

The housing portion of your program guide has everything that you need to know regarding your time in one of our four apartment complexes. From information on what the Disney Service Centers can provide you, to roommate relation resources, we have anything you would want to know regarding your new home.

  • What is the visitor policy, and how long can they stay on property?
    If you ever want to have visitors who are not on the program, you can always sign them in at your complex’s security gate. We allow nonprogram visitors from 7-1 a.m. Though you can have visitors, we don’t allow overnight guests. Be sure to check out your program guide for more specifics!
  • What is my address, and how can I receive packages?
    For every housing complex, you will have a specific address for whichever building that you live in. You can find these in the back of your program guide. It’s important that your address is correct so that it can make it safely to you! If you receive a package through USPS or Amazon Prime, you will pick up your package at your service center. UPS and FedEx will be delivered directly to your door!
  • How do I prepare for an inspection?
    Part of the living portion of your program is keeping a clean and healthy living environment. You can find detailed information on what you can expect during inspections, as well as tips on how to prepare. A great way to always be ready is to create a cleaning schedule with your roommates and keep up with your apartment throughout your program!

Work: Your earning experience

Beginning your new role during your program is an exciting time! As you get more acclimated to your work location, you may have specific questions regarding your working experience. We’ve got you covered.

  • What is the attendance policy?
    We understand that there may be a time where you become ill and have to miss a shift. If you decide to call in or call sick for a shift, you will receive a point, which is added to your record card. The program guide has a detailed breakdown of the point system for your reference!
  • How can I pick up extra shifts?
    If you ever need some extra cash, you can always check out which shifts are available to pick up! The EXTRA HOUR$ HOTLINE is a number that you can call to check on the available shifts around property. This is a great resource, not only to have a bigger paycheck for the week, but to also network with Disney leaders other than your own!

Education: Your learning experience

The final part of your Disney Program is the learning portion. Our Education team offers a wide variety of options for furthering your knowledge while on your program.

  • What kind of learning opportunities are offered while on the program?
    We have two different categories of learning opportunities: collegiate and seminar. Collegiate courses allow you to gain academic credit while on your program. The Seminar offerings allow you to learn more about different lines of business at Walt Disney World. Also keep an eye out for any education events put on!
  • Is there a place where I can work on assignments or get assistance with writing a paper?
    While each housing complex has a computer lab for your use, Vista Way is home to our very own Disney Learning Center. Our DLC Front Desk cast members can assist you in setting up a writing lab for various assignments you may need assistance with. Their contact information is in the Education portion of your program guide!

What’s Next?: Departure and future opportunities

Though the end of the program is the last thing you’re thinking about right now, it’s good to know that we provide a ton of useful information regarding your departure from your program, as well how you can possibly stay with the company!

  • What will I need to do to depart housing?
    On your departure day, your check out time will always be at 11 a.m. You will want to make sure your apartment is clean and ready for the next participants that will be moving in. We have a handy checklist in your program guide to help you prepare!
  • I need to depart my program early. How can I go about this?
    We have three different ways you can go about departing your program early: school-related early release, work-approved early release and unapproved early release. We have detailed the process of these to make it easier for you if you need to change your program date for any reason!
  • I would like to continue with the company following my program. What are my options?
    There are so many different ways to keep making magic! Whether you want to apply for a professional internship, continue with the company full-time or extend your Disney Program, we have plenty of resources for you to look over in the back of your program guide!

As you can see, your program guide is an integral part of your program. We have only scratched the surface of what answers it may hold. If you ever have a question, you can always turn to your Disney Program Guide. If you ever need any more clarification on anything regarding your Disney Program, feel free to stop by your Disney Service Center!

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