Every time I visit the parks I am amazed by this wonderful company I work for!  I am so proud to represent The Walt Disney Company when I visit other countries to recruit for Disney International Programs.  Looking back on my 28 years as a Cast Member I realize I’ve been blessed to be a part of this company 

And I want to share this with our next generation as they begin their careers!  What you can experience on our Programs is fulfilling and will help you grow professionally and personally. 

Let me give you just one example – this morning I had an opportunity to participate in the Cast Member Exclusive Access to Pandora – The World of Avatar.  What a wonderful way for our company to show Cast they are appreciated and valued!  I felt so special walking into the park before it opened to our guests.  From the parking lot attendants, to the park greeters, to the attractions Cast Members, we were welcomed with lovely smiles and warm greetings.   

Avatar Flight of Passage is a “must experience” attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park.  (I felt I was in Avatar and I loved it!).  

But here is what made my experience even more special.  As I was leaving I met a Cast Member who greeted me with so much warmthI had to stop to chat for a few minutes. He told me his name and that he has worked for Disney for 5 years!  He also proudly announced that he has Autism and only because he is a Disney Cast Member, he is able to earn not only earn his GED, but will also go to University!  He displayed such a sense of accomplishment and pride.  He was such a joy that I stayed and chatted for a while longer.  He was very touched when I asked for a photograph with him to share on social media.  My day was blessed again by Guillermo and I was again so thankful for our company and our leadership who make decisions that impact our lives.   

This is what makes my company special!  This is what I want every candidate in our Programs to experience.   

So, if I may share a bit of advice for our Programs Cast – your program experience is not just about your role, or being at Disney, or visiting the US.  Please take the time to experience all that Disney offers – events, education, exclusive experiences especially for you.  Don’t just rush around the parks to “work” or see,” take the time to appreciate and truly experience Disney.   Then only will YOU become the Magic of Disney for others! 

I challenge you to join an amazing journey with Disney International Programs! 

YvetteDisney Recruiter
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