New Year, new Walt Disney World Resort Ambassadors! We caught up with Brandon Peters at the iconic Ambassadors lounge in Team Disney to get inspired by and learn more about his Disney journey. For those unfamiliar, the Ambassador program is steeped in Disney heritage and tradition. It began over 50 years ago when Walt Disney himself, overwhelmed by requests for appearances, selected a cast member to represent the Resort at public appearances during the Tencennial celebration.


His Disney Journey

Brandon has been a cast member in Entertainment for the last ten years. His journey began when he started pursuing a degree in Theater at University of Central Florida. He stumbled upon a Disney auditions booth during a freshman scavenger hunt, and the rest was history. At that time, he was able to go to school weekdays and perform at the Walt Disney World Resort on the weekends. As the years went by, he became a seasonal cast member and headed to Louisville, Kentucky for an apprenticeship at Actor’s Theater of Louisville to meet his degree requirements. After nearly a year, he left the theater to continue his career at Walt Disney World.

Eventually, he had the chance to audition for an Actor’s Equity Association role. He was cast in his first role – but it was just the beginning. In his role at Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial, Brandon was able to see the culmination of his studies and experiences. This opportunity allowed him to connect to where he wanted to be professionally. Since then, he has been part of the team that opened The Royal Majesty Makers, on the opening team for Frozen Summer Fun and For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration, and helped open A Frozen Holiday Wish. Brandon was on the 2016 Disney Traditions team, sharing his passion for the company with cast members on their first day. Prior to his Ambassador selection, he was working on The Muppets Present…Great Moments in American History.



The Key to Entertainment

Many entertainment roles require a lot of guest interaction – and you never know what circumstances brought them to the resort. In these roles, Brandon says one of the most important things you can do is give your best to make the guest experience the best it can be. Your moment with them could be their once-in-a-lifetime experience. Disney leaders encourage and seek that attitude and initiative in their cast.



Magical Moments

Brandon has experienced many magical moments during his time with the company. The one he chose to share, though, may bring a tear to your eye! This moment took place while he was learning sign language for a scene in one of his classes. He was spending the evening with Cinderella and Prince Charming at 1900 Park Fare at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. On their way to the restaurant (presumably in a royal carriage), he taught the pair some of the signs he was learning. Later in the night, there was a Make-A-Wish guest who was deaf and her wish was to dance with Prince Charming. Of course, Cinderella joined, too. In the middle of the dance, the couple had an idea and signed We think you’re wonderful! to the guest.

“Being able to witness that,” Brandon recalled, “and seeing her parents… all of these things kind of aligning and that night…It was just a really special time.”


Joining the Disney Traditions team

“It’s amazing,” he gushed, “I could go on and on about Disney Traditions. It’s so special.”

For those who might not know, cast members can only be on the team for one year throughout their Disney career. It’s all about making the most of the time you’re given. Disney Traditions, for Brandon, was a way to spread his passion for the company and share his story with cast members on their first day.



His Team in 3 Words

Passionate, Diverse, Heritage


Words of Wisdom

Working in Entertainment is a goal for some people. Becoming a part of the team requires auditioning – and that can be discouraging.

“If it’s your passion, don’t give up,” Brandon advises, “So many times, if opportunities don’t come your way, it’s not a reflection of you,

[or] a reflection on your performance.”

Timing is important, and sometimes it’s everything. When an area holds an audition, they’re usually looking to fill a particular need. He shared a story, for example, of a friend who spent two years going to auditions, never getting the opportunity to join the team. One day, though, she was cast in six or seven roles on the spot. She had been in the right spot at the wrong time many times before, but her persistence kept her going.


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