Meet the International Recruitment team: Steve

Meet Steve. Steve is a manager with the Disney International Recruitment team overseeing the coordinators who support and assist recruiters and candidates as they prepare for their programs at Walt Disney World Resort. He also works closely with other partners during the application and arrivals process – this includes the Immigration Compliance team, Housing, Training and several others.


While there are many cool perks to working in Disney International Programs Recruitment, his favorite part is that he is able to meet people from all over the world and hear stories about how their experiences on their program changed their lives.

Steve shares, “Disney International Programs is life-changing and all the things you do and learn when on one of our programs will transfer to any job you have in the future. Come and do everything you can when you’re here and make friends that you will have for life…all over the world!”


Hailing from Washington, Steve moved to Orlando to work for The Walt Disney Company and worked as a manager in different departments such as Data Insights & Improvements and the Disney College Program Recruitment team. Since working for the company, he mentions how much he enjoys visiting the parks and resorts with his family. From riding the monorail to attractions, “it is always different every time and makes great memories for my family and kids.”


When it comes to family memories, Pluto sparks a special one. Explains Steve, “Pluto has been my favorite character since I started working with The Walt Disney Company after moving across the country from Washington. I took my daughter who was then five years old to the parks for the first time. The first character she saw was Pluto and when visiting him, he licked her head. This was her first interaction with a character and that lick made her want to come back again and again to see Pluto. To this day, (she is now 21 years old and works as a chef with Disney) we still have to visit Pluto every time we are in the parks to see if he will lick her head. And every time, Pluto does.”

I guess you can say that magic runs through the family.


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