For most of our participants in a Disney International Program, the only in-person experience they get before arriving to their program is during the interview. But outside of that, so much work is done by the International Recruitment team, to ensure everyone is fully prepared for their program. So let’s take some time to meet our team and get to know them a little better! For starters, why not meet the handsome fellow who is writing this blog?

Hi! My name is AK, and I am a coordinator for the International Recruitment team. Several of my responsibilities include working with International Recruiter, Jill, who looks for participants from Australia, New Zealand, Thailand and Indonesia. Other responsibilities include the arrivals process for all Walt Disney World Resort participants and focusing on communication with candidates prior to their arrival and during their time on their program…including writing blogs!


What has been your journey in The Walt Disney Company?

My Disney journey started 10 years ago, as a participant in the Disney College Program. Afterward, I started a Disney Alumni group on campus, and became a Campus Rep promoting the Disney College Program. I participated in another program working at the front desk after graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Eastern Illinois University. My journey continued as an Employment Coordinator Associate Professional Intern, and I was given the opportunity to stay on the team. As it happened, a coordinator position became available with International Recruitment, and I have been enjoying every moment of it since!



Since working for the company, what has been your favorite moment so far?

The last time my mother, brother, and I went to Walt Disney World Resort together was right before I was in kindergarten. Since my mom lives in the Philippines, I haven’t had the chance to take her. Last year, I was finally able to have our family reunite at Magic Kingdom after several years. I never felt so proud to bring my family into our parks and seeing their faces light up.



What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love interacting with all our participants! Being an alumnus of some programs, it is always a surreal moment that I get to work “on the other side” talking to our participants about their program. After sending several emails (or even talking on the phone) before they come to the United States, it becomes an exciting to moment finally meeting them in-person. The work becomes worth it when they say “thank you” for making their arrival process easy.


What would you suggest to any candidates?

The answer is out there. Applying and getting ready to work in another country may seem a little intimidating. But our team is here to help you out! Most of our answers are on our website,, and in our communication!


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