Meet the face behind Disney Professional Internship Events

I’ve always admired The Walt Disney Company for the quality of work they produce. From their movies to the parks, Disney knows how to create great experiences. The Disney Professional Internship Program is no exception to this. I chose to do an intern program here because of all the amazing things I’d heard about it. The program goes above and beyond to create a great experience for interns. One of my favorite parts of the program? The events! I’ve had the opportunity to attend a variety of events: early movie screenings, recruiter panels, game nights and a ride walk through, to name a few.  These events are great, but they don’t come without a lot of hard work behind-the-scenes. It takes a dedicated team to make sure everything runs smoothly at these events.

One person in particular works behind every intern event, from the planning stage to the execution, to make sure it is full of magic.

Meet Brandon, the Event Representative for the Disney Professional Internship Program. Brandon gets to create magic every day for interns by making the sure the events and programs we have are amazing!

Learn a bit more about the face behind the Disney Professional Internship events below!

Introduce yourself and tell us some fun facts about you.
Hello! My name is Brandon and I am the Events Representative on the Campus Recruiting Team!

Fact: I have my undergraduate degree in Physics from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

Fun Fact: There is a split-second where you can see me in a bonus feature from Disney’s Newsies | The Broadway Musical (the movie).

Fun-ish Fact: I am a born-and-raised Southern Californian.

Describe your current position at The Walt Disney Company.
Currently I lead the planning and execution of our Professional Intern events on the West Coast and in New York and communicate virtually with interns on the East Coast and in Chicago and North Carolina. My goal is to be an “intern experience advocate”; I want to ensure that our professional interns have amazing programming experiences that are uniquely Disney. I also work on coordinating our internship-focused technology outreach efforts (things like hackathons, tech talks, etc.) #DisneyTech!

Where did your Disney journey begin?
My Disney journey began at the Disneyland® Resort in Anaheim! I was a seasonal cashier and lead in the Pacific Wharf at Disney California Adventure (mostly Pacific Wharf Café). Seasonal meant that I would work at the resort during peak seasons (summer break, winter break and spring break). It was such an amazing experience to get to interact with guests in that role. It was also a bonus to be surrounded by fresh sourdough, churros, and other baked goods!

Describe what your day to day looks like in your position.
Every day is different – which is one of the most exciting parts of my role! One day, I might be talking with students who are on hour 32 of a 36-hour coding sprint, and the next, I might be hosting a screening of an upcoming Disney film release for our professional interns. There are a lot of days where I am at my desk sending emails, locking down event details, and sending out communications, but even that can vary depending on where we are in the season.

Why did you choose a career at Disney?
I remember taking a trip to Walt Disney World® Resort with my family when I was in first grade, where I got to be an honorary skipper on the Jungle Cruise! That memory is imprinted in my mind as one of the most magical things I’ve ever gotten to do, and from that moment on, I knew I wanted to help create experiences like that for others. And there’s no better place to do that than Disney!

Why did you want to work with the campus programs, specifically?
Working with college students is a blast! I was heavily involved with my university’s New Student & Transition Programs, which was where I discovered my passion for helping college students. And that’s exactly what the Campus Recruiting Team does (with Disney flair)!

What qualities make you successful in your position?
The first thing that comes to mind is adaptability. There are a lot of moving pieces to events, so it’s essential to not only be ready for change, but to embrace it! I would also say that resourcefulness is very helpful. Knowing the tools and resources you have on hand and how to leverage them to maximize the impact is great (for example, our live-streaming service, which allows interns across the country to listen in on speaker events and ask questions).

What is your favorite thing about your position? 
Meeting the interns! Especially when I get to see them enjoying their Disney Professional Internship experiences (both at work and intern events).

Are there any upcoming intern events that you are excited for?
All of them! I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the events we haven’t announced yet, but some of the events that happened earlier this season were a screening of “A Wrinkle in Time”, a tour of Disneyland’s Fantasmic! Island, and VIP seats at tapings of Good Morning America!

Do you have any advice for current interns to make their experience the best?
I highly recommend getting involved in resource groups! There are so many wonderful groups of people at this company, and every resource group I’ve seen proves that. If you are interested in a group, even if you don’t belong to the group’s “focus”, join anyway! Being an ally is a powerful thing.

Do you have any advice for people seeking an internship at Disney?
Take advantage of opportunities outside of the classroom to make yourself stand out! Work on passion projects, volunteer with an organization that you are passionate about, anything that will let you use your skills and show your personality.


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