Meet the Disney Internships and Program support site!

Ever lay awake at night with questions about your program swirling about in your mind, wishing you could get immediate answers?  We have a solution for you!  We encourage you to explore the Disney Internships and Programs Support Portal where you can find immediate answers to many of your program questions, whether you’re applying for an opportunity, already here on the program, or an alumni!  In addition to having a wealth of information at your fingertips, the Support Portal is also where you can submit a request for assistance for any additional questions you may have.  

Click here to begin exploring.

When submitting a request for assistance, be sure to complete as many of the ticket fields as you can, and provide details regarding your specific question(s), because that will help us better assist you 

In the meantime, since many students are currently applying for the Spring 2020 Disney College Program, here are some answers to frequently asked questions we are receiving: 

  • Feel like you may not be getting updates?  
    • Be sure to check junk/spam/promotions email folders, because sometimes our emails get diverted there.  A best practice is to continually check your email and your Dashboard.  
  • Confused by what time your phone interview is?   
    • Read confirmations carefully -  AM = any time before noon; PM = any time after noon. Also, be aware that final phone interview confirmations will note the interview time in eastern standard time, so you may need to calculate what time that is in your time zone (which will match the time you originally selected for your interview).  
  • If you receive an offer, how long do you have to accept?   
    • It’s important to accept the offer, pay the fees and select program dates all within 7 days. 
  • Wondering why some people may be getting offers and yet your Dashboard status hasn’t changed?   
    • All applications are reviewed when they get received.  The program is very competitive though which means some applications may be selected to move forward through the process more quickly than others, but that doesn’t mean you should give up hope! Be patient with the process and continue to monitor your email and Dashboard.  You are still in consideration unless you receive a message stating otherwise.  
  • If you decline an offer or do not get accepted, does that have a negative impact on future applications?   
    • Nope! Declining an offer or not being selected has no bearing on any future applications you may submit with the company.  

Thank you for exploring our programs and hope you find the Support Portal a helpful resource! 

We wish you the best on whatever opportunities you may be pursuing! 

ConnieCoordinator, College and International Program Recruitment
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